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First time scuba diving experience | Take the plunge

Taking the Plunge: 9 reasons to try diving for the first time

What type of traveller are you? We bet you’re the type who wants
to try diving for the first time.

How can we be so sure?

Well, perhaps you’re a don’t-want-to-miss-a-thing type of traveller. Your planning is meticulous, with perfectly scheduled flights, accommodation and activities. A scuba diving course will fit in nicely with that schedule, and it’s an experience that is a must.

Or maybe you’re an embrace-the-freedom traveller. You totally wing it and go where your whim dictates, letting fate decide where your experiences will lead you. Certainly, you’ll enjoy the freedom of underwater exploration.

What if you’re an at-arms-length traveller? You’re cautious and like to see things at a distance without taking too many risks. The great thing about scuba diving is that it’s a structured learning process that still gets you out seeing wildlife from the outset.

How about adventure-junkie travellers? You’re probably not on your first time. But that’s OK. We have dive courses for all levels.

You’re probably somewhere in between all of these ‘types’ – so read on for some all-encompassing reasons that we know you will fall in love with diving…

1. Experience Marine Life | Taking the plunge

There’s another world out there! Diving gets you up close and personal with local sea creatures from terrific turtles and spectacular seahorses to curious coral and funky fish. A diving environment is unique in how close it allows you to get with wildlife. It’s not just a fascinating sight to swim with these creatures, though. Think about how relaxing it is to stare into a tropical fish tank… then multiply it by a hundred!

2. Achieve peace

It’s not just the mesmerising patterns of sea creatures that transmits a sense of peace to those on a diving encounter. You will experience a different dimension of quiet when underwater. It’s a quiet that is not really quiet but is entirely natural. It is quiet that can help you to achieve perspective. The sounds that you experience come from the movement of water and creatures moving through the water. One thing is for sure; the sounds of hectic modern life are absolutely absent. Fabulous.

3. Ease of Learning

It’s like riding a bike: once you learn, you’ll never look back, and you’ll never forget. You don’t need to be an amazing swimmer. The main skill that you should have is being able to breathe, and we daresay you are pretty practised at that. The appearance of diving gear can seem daunting, but using kit and understanding procedure are the main elements of learning involved to be soon demystified. Initial diving experiences will keep you in relatively shallow water so you can increase your confidence. Like a bike, it is the confidence that will take you to the next step.

4. Join a Community

Your first diving experience will induct you into a friendly and open-minded community. Communication is key to dive safety so you will quickly develop close and trusting relationships with those with whom you share your initial diving sessions. The wider community of divers is supportive and encouraging. Being part of it, you can meet others who share your interests, priorities and love of the ocean.

5. Protect Marine Life

When you sign up to a dive course, some of the money you pay will support local ocean conservation, normally through a licence or permit
scheme. How about while you’re under the water? Part of your learning process will include how to dive responsibly and conscientiously among the undersea
environment. Moreover, when you witness the beauty and tranquillity of life under the ocean at close quarters, you will understand the need to work hard to preserve this world.

6. Get Your Body Active | Taking the plunge

As with any sport, diving gets your muscles moving. Although you only need basic swimming skills to try diving for the first time, you are still getting active. It’s a minimal impact activity, as you are entirely submerged, and the water supports your body, so it is great for all fitness levels. As well as keeping your muscles moving, during a dive, much of your self-awareness will be on your breathing. As with other activities that centre on breathing, such as yoga, this exercise exercises both the body and the mind.

7. Second to Space Travel

An additional benefit to being submerged is achieving the experience of zero gravity. More than most of us will never go on a space travel adventure, but exploring the ocean comes a close second. We’ve even heard some marine creatures described as ‘like little aliens’! The sea bed is the least explored part of the earth, and you can experience your own adventure of discovery on your first dive. With this comes a great sense of freedom and horizons expanded.

8. It’s a Family Affair

Looking for an activity to enjoy with the kids? Diving is ideal for this and can be enjoyed from around 8 with a youth-focused experience or 10 for a certifying programme. Children naturally have a great sense of adventure and curiosity, so diving as a family can bring out the undersea explorer in parents too. You’ll also have a catalogue of fantastic memories to appreciate for years to come.

9. An Activity for all Seasons

Visibility can vary, but you can dive any time of year. So whenever you book a holiday or trip, it is likely that you will be able to find a point to try diving for the first time. Remember that migratory creatures are more common in certain waters at specific times of the year, so if you have your heart set on seeing a whale shark, you will need to be slightly more organised!

Even if the thought of coming face to face with luminous and exotic sea creatures make your toes curl, we urge you to face your fear. Taking the plunge into a first diving experience can open your mind and broaden your horizons. You may even find that scuba diving revolutionises your life, so why not dip your toe in?

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