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Tribord Easybreath full face snorkel mask | Borneo Dream

Snorkel with ease Tribord EasyBreath full face mask

Non-Swimmers can now get fully immersed with the Tribord Easybreath

Recent surveys have shown that the human race is now wanting to get closer to nature than ever before. We want to experience new things, explore new places and see more of the world.

As a premier dive operator in Sabah, Malaysia we totally embrace this passion as we believe that the more people we can encourage to become immersed into our liquid wonderland, the more people will love it and protect it with us.

But how is this possible for people who cannot swim? Well believe it or not you can do a Borneo Dream guided snorkeling trip and a PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience without actually being a fully competent swimmer.

At Borneo Dream, not only are all of our staff competent swimmers, but they are all PADI certified instructors also, and they love sharing the latest underwater gadgets too.

Breath easier with an easybreath full face snorkel mask | Full face snorkel mask

Take the all-new Easybreath Tribord full face snorkel mask for instance. This all in one full face mask and snorkel is the first of it’s kind and is on the verge or revolutionizing the snorkeling industry.

Research has shown that one of the most difficult thing for new snorkelers to master is the requirement to breather through a mouthpiece and not out of the nose as it is completely sealed in a separate mask.

Well hello Tribord! The Easybreath Tribord not only offers 180 degree vision, but the snorkel and mouthpiece are combined, making breathing in-water as easy as breathing on land. The snorkel is made of a wide bore and has an purpose built reflective orange tip, ensuring that you can be seen at all times by boats and other water users.

It may very well look like something out of Ridley Scotts “Aliens Trilogy”, but many of our guided snorkel customers have been raving about how easy it is to use.

Tribord – Full face snorkel mask in action.

The revolutionary stay-dry snorkel system – Tribord Easybreath mask

One of the best things that our guests who are new to snorkeling love about the Tribord is the stay dry ability of the snorkel, meaning that you are never going to get a mouthful of seawater … ever!

Just last week we had a lovely couple from the UK on a snorkel trip with us, however, due to the fact that the mum was a little bit nervous about putting her face in the water, she opted to buy a Tribord before her adventure began.

She came into the shop and tried it on for size, falling in love with it straight away. What a joy it was to see the whole family out that weekend, experiencing the fun of Malaysian snorkeling at it’s best.

Now priced at just MYR 225.00, Borneo Dream are proud to say that we are the only stockists of this incredible product. Why not view the Tribord EasyBreath mask product page for more information.

Now everyone can snorkel … with Borneo Dream.

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