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Scuba diving equipment in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah by Borneo Dream

Scuba diving equipment in Sabah | Borneo Dream Dive Shop

Low prices on scuba diving equipment in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah | Guaranteed !

When looking for your next scuba diving equipment purchase in Sabah or Kota Kinabalu why not consider Borneo Dream Dive Shop. We are located in G27 Wisma Sabah shopping centre in the heart of Kota Kinabalu’s tour and scuba diving operator district. No need to travel to out of town districts for your scuba diving equipment. Even if we do not have what you want give us a couple of working days and we can probably order it and still offer you super low low prices on your scuba diving equipment requirements.

Scuba diving equipment @ The best prices!

Our usual range is mask, snorkels and fins with a few accessories thrown in like slates and dive computers. We love colours, so when it come to masks and snorkels we have great range at low prices. Some of the staff do not like my choice in colours but they all seem to sell. One of the scuba diving masks I quite like for colour is the Mares X-Vision mask in black silicone skirt with a black and lime green frame. Luke, our General Manager hates this colour and want’s to try and hide a few on my person…. Not very nice. He just does not appreciate the finer points in scuba diving equipment fashion 🙂

Some of our other scuba equipment fashion we offer is not just normal snorkelling and diving fins. But super long free diving or spearfish fins. These fins have become very popular with local snorkel guide market as they look super cool. Currently we offer the Mares Razor Pro Spearfishing fin and the Mares Concorde Fin. These represent two very capable fins and some great scuba diving equipment.

Snorkels are an interesting item, some people spend a lot of money a super comfortable model. Others spend only a little but what you need to remember is at some point you will either loose it or break it. This will directly represent the amount of tears shed for your precious diving equipment.

Will the dive gear cost me an arm and a leg? No, not with Borneo Dream Dive Shop!

With all gear for specialised sports it can be pricey. Scuba diving equipment is no exception but it need not break the bank. Our in-store pricing is generally 10 to 25% less than our website or on-line pricing as we can not disclose electronically our super deals – Suppliers and other dive store owners would cry. We have diving masks starting from MYR 56.00, snorkels starting from MYR 14.00 and Fins from MYR 72.00

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