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Sepilok Forest Reserve Trek | 2 Day | Sabah, Borneo


This 2D1N trek, a unique trip offered only by Borneo Dream, provides a amazing opportunity to go trekking through the rainforest in the protected Sepilok Forest Reserve (home to Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary). Not only will you experience pristine rainforest, the Forest Reserve is home to an amazing variety of flora which you will learn about over the two days. The Sepilok Trek can also be combined with a visit to the Kinabatangan River via our 3D2N Sepilok Trek & Kinabatagan River Trip. The Sepilok Forest Reserve Trek is suitable for most making it a great choice for friends, families and school groups.

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Choose your Group Size and whether you require a Boat Transfer out on your 2nd day rather than trekking back - Trekking back is far more fun :-)

Sepilok Forest Reserve Trek, Sabah, Malaysia

The 2D1N Sepilok Forest Reserve Trek provides the opportunity to go trekking through virgin lowland forest along a trail that offers the opportunity to trek through the largest totally protected area of lowland forest in Sabah. Sepilok Forest Reserve (gazetted as Kabili-Sepilok Virgin Jungle Reserve – a Class IV Virgin Jungle Reserve) is home to a diverse array of wildlife and vegetation, consisting mainly of Dipterocarp and mangrove forests, and home to Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary. Sepilok Forest Reserve is home to at least 350 tree species and at least 90 species of mammals. Primates found in Sepilok Forest Reserve include the Red Leaf Monkey, Orangutans (due to the location of Sepilok Sanctuary) and Macaques. There are ~200 Bird species found in and along the Sepilok Forest Reserve Trek including the Blue-headed Pitta, Bornean Wren-babbler, Bornean blue flycatcher, Hornbills, Kingfishers, Cuckoos and lots more!

The Sepilok Forest Reserve Trek / Trail is a ~ 8km trek which starts from Rainforest Discovery Centre and ends at Sepilok Laut Base Camp. The trek takes ~ 4 hours to complete depending on trekking pace with stops along the way for educational briefings by your Trekking and Nature Guide. At the end of the trek, and surrounding Sepilok Laut Base Camp, is an expanse of mangrove swamp with a 700m raised boardwalk through the mangrove forest. Proboscis Monkeys occur here, and feed almost entirely on the mangrove foliage. The trail is undulating and you will trek up three hills, the highest being ~560m. Overall it is graded as an ‘easy’ trek, however you should be in good health and physically able to trek at a gentle pace for a few hours in tropical heat (with rests along the way). During your day treks you will see limited wildlife as it will be resting but you will get to see, and learn, about the fascinating plant life found in this beautiful area of rainforest. During your night trek you will have a good chance to spot nocturnal night life.

Experience the Beauty of the Rainforest – The Sepilok Forest Reserve Trek

The 2D1N Sepilok Forest Reserve Trek is an ideal tour before going on 3D2N Kinabatangan River trip, making a lovely back to back 5D4N adventure. You could also check out our 3D2N Sepilok Trek & Kinabatangan River trip as a shorter combo adventure involving jungle trekking and wildlife spotting in two of Sabah’s protected reserves – Sepilok Forest Reserve and the Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary.

Trip Itinerary – 2D1N Sepilok Forest Reserve Trek, Sandakan

Day 1

~8:00hrs: You will be collected from Sandakan Airport or your hotel in Sandakan / near Sepilok and transferred to Rainforest Discovery Centre (the starting point for your trek). Your exact pick up time will be confirmed as part of the booking.

~9:00hrs: arrive a Rainforest Discovery Centre, the start point for your trek. From Rainforest Discovery Centre you will start your ~8km trek to Sepilok Laut. The estimated trekking time is ~ 4 hours to the base camp.

9:00hrs – ~13:00hrs: Enjoy your jungle trek through Sepilok Forest Reserve. During the trek your Guides will explain which plants can be used for ‘survival’ in the rainforest i.e. they can be eaten, used for medicine. Your Guides will also explain more about the forest ecosystem you are trekking through.

~13:00hrs: On arrival at Sepilok Laut Base Camp you will have refreshments (drinks and fruit) and be provided with a briefing on the base camp facilities and safety practices. During the rest of the afternoon you can explore the mangrove forest through a 700m boardwalk built around the centre, relax at the exception Centre (at the end of the boardwalk) or visit the viewing platform located at he camp site.

19:00hrs: Dinner will be served (buffet style with a selection of local dishes)8:00pm: Optional guided night trek along the mangrove boardwalk, or along the trek on the flat transition forest area which is before the hill. Overnight at Base Camp. You will either sleep in basic dorm rooms (subject to availability) or camp in tents at the camping site. Shared shower and toilets facilities provided.

Day 2

7:30hrs: Breakfast at Sepilok Laut Base Camp.

8:30hrs – 9:00hrs: Start your trek back to Rainforest Discovery Centre (~3 hours trekking). It will be a straight trek out with rest breaks along the way as required.

~12 noon: Upon reaching Rainforest Discovery Centre you will be transferred to your hotel near Sepilok or in Sandakan. The end of your jungle trekking two day adventure!!

There is an option to get a boat transfer from Sepilok Laut Base Camp to Sandakan boat jetty on the morning of day 2 after breakfast, a ~ 45 minute boat transfer (rather than trek out). This is subject to a surcharge and all persons on the same booking must book the ‘boat transfer’ option together.

Trip Pre-Requisites for the Sepilok Jungle Trek

You should be in good health and physically able to trek at a gentle pace for a few hours in tropical heat (with rests along the way). Whilst there is no minimum age for children joining this trip, children will need to be need to be comfortable trekking in a humid, hot climate.

What’s included in the Sepilok Reserve Trekking Trip?

  • Licensed Nature Guide to lead you on your trek (1x guide for every 8 persons)
  • Ranger service provided by Sabah Forestry Department, required when trekking through a protected Forest Reserve (1x Ranger for every 8 persons).
  • 1 night stay at Sepilok Laut Base Camp (Dorm room or camping in a tent).
  • Conservation entrance fees for Rainforest Discovery Centre and Sepilok Laut.
  • Overnight fee at Sepilok Laut
  • Use of sleeping bag.
  • Meals:-
    • 1x packed lunch (sandwich + fruit + small water bottle)
    • 1x refreshment on arrival at Sepilok Laut Base Camp
    • 1x dinner
    • 1x breakfast
    • Bottled water supplies at Sepilok Laut base camp.
  • Night walk around Sepilok Laut mangrove area.
  • 1 x boat at Sepilok Laut Reception Center will be on standby during your stay in case of emergency medical evacuation (we do not expect to use the boat). Emergency medical evacuation refers to critical illness that needs emergency treatment.
  • 0% Sales & Service Tax on the tour price as applicable from 6th May 2019.

What’s Excluded?

  • Extra snacks and beverages not mentioned.
  • Un-scheduled boat transfer from Sepilok Laut to Sandakan ‘Sabah Forestry Jetty’ @ MYR 350.00 per boat, per way (exception for emergency medical evacuation).
  • Porter service to carry your bag – available at a surcharge.

Recommended Packing List for your Trip – 2D1N Sepilok Jungle Trekking Adventure

  • Small ruck sack with plastic bag liner (Max. 15kg when packed)
  • Comfortable trekking shoes
  • Water bottle (min. 1.5 litre, recommended 2 litre)
  • Comfortable trekking clothes suitable for a tropical, humid climate:-
    • Lightweight trousers
    • Long sleeve cotton top
    • Leech socks
    • Insect / mosquito repellent
    • Sun protection cream
    • sun glasses with cord attached
    • Hat
    • Rain jacket
    • Camera
    • Extra clothes to change into once you have finished your trekking activity
  • Essential toiletries
  • Towel
  • Essential personal medication
  • Head torch

Optional items: Energy snacks for during trek, Sleeping mat and Liner for sleeping bag

Notes – Sepilok Forest Reserve Trekking Adventure

Trekking, night walk and boat transfer (if booked as an extra) are subjected to the weather/safety condition.Please note the water in the camp showers is heated naturally and the Base Camp is not connected to the water mains so drinking water will be provided in plastic bottles (which will be recycled).

Prices shown are valid for trips up to 31st December 2019. For trips after this date please contact us for a quote.


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