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Scubapro Flux Twin Mask


Scubapro Flux Twin Mask | Great all round mask for snorkeling and scuba diving in Sabah. Most ideally suited to those needing a prescriptive mask for better vision underwater. The Flux Twin has great low volume and very flexible and soft skirt giving a great seal on your next underwater adventure.

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Scubapro Flux Twin Mask | The perfect mask for divers who use optical lenses.

The attractive low-volume dual lens Scubapro Flux Twin Mask comes with a strong, impact-resistant polycarbonate frame to withstand lots of use and abuse. The hypoallergenic, silicone skirt features a double-feathered edge to provide a comfortable, watertight seal on a variety of face shapes. The non-slip strap and easy adjust buckles let you dial in the perfect fit.

Lots of lens choice | Lost of colour choice | Scubapro Flux Twin Mask

A wide selection of optical lenses are available, ranging from -1.0 to -8.0 in .5 diopter increments.

Technical Information for your new Scubapro Flux Twin Mask:-

  • High-impact polycarbonate frame delivers durability and strength.
  • Dual lenses are designed to accept optical lenses to improve the underwater view.
  • Hypoallergenic silicone skirt with a double-feathered edge is super-comfortable and keeps water out.
  • Non-slip strap and easy adjust buckles provide the perfect fit for enjoyable scuba diving or snorkeling.
  • Available in 3 colour combinations.

What’s your colour can I get the Scubapro Flux Twin mask in? | Colours of the Scubapro Flux Twin Mask:-

  • Clear Skirt – 24.833.600 White or 24.833.205 Metallic Blue frame.
  • Black Skirt – 24.833.320 Metallic Red or 24.833.100 Metallic Black frame.

Enjoy and see more on your next scuba diving or snorkeling experience | Optionally available for the Twin Flux is a range of prescription lenses:-

  • Optical Lens, -1.0
  • Optical Lens, -1.5
  • Optical Lens, -2.0
  • Optical Lens, -2.5
  • Optical Lens, -3.0
  • Optical Lens, -3.5
  • Optical Lens, -4.0
  • Optical Lens, -4.5
  • Optical Lens, -5.0
  • Optical Lens, -5.5
  • Optical Lens, -6.0
  • Optical Lens, -6.5
  • Optical Lens, -7.0
  • Optical Lens, -7.5
  • Optical Lens, -8.0

We are very sorry, but we do not deliver any diving equipment – it must be paid for and collected from our Dive Shop in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

Whether you are joining a Borneo Dream on one of our many PADI diving courses or simply enjoying a days leisure diving this lovely Scubapro Flux Twin mask with assist you in making friends with Nemo 🙂 Did I mention that this mask is also great for a guided snorkelling day trips? So, we have given you all the facts and figures plus mention lots of cool features, are you ready to buy? Visit our Sabah based dive shop and pick up a Scubapro Flux Twin Mask today!


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