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Mount Trus Madi | 4 Day | Sabah, Malaysia


Mount Trus Madi, located in the Crocker Mountain Range, is Malaysia’s second highest mountain at 2,642 metres. Mount Trus Madi is located in a beautiful Forest Reserve and is home to a stunning array of flora. This trek is a great alternative to Mount Kinabalu and is suitable for the adventurous trekker with above average fitness. For group enquiries please contact us for a special quote.

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Mount Trus Madi Climb via Sinua (4 Day), Sabah, Malaysia

Mount Trus Madi, also known as Trusmadi and referred to by the local Malaysians as Gunung Trus Madi, is Malaysia’s second highest mountain at 2,642 metres (8,668 ft). It is on the same mountain ridge in the Crocker Mountain Range as Mount Kinabalu. Mount Trus Madi is located in a protected forestry reserve and offers a wide range of unique flora and fauna, including the beautiful Nepenthes Macrophylla, a species of pitcher plant.

Unlike Mount Kinabalu, Climb Mount Trus Madi sees few tourists venture up Gunung Trusmadi and very often you have the mountain all to yourself. This is partly due to the remote location of the reserve, as well as the steep and challenging terrain of the mountain. From the summit of Mount Trus Madi you can enjoy watching the sunrise over Mount Kinabalu and enjoy an out of this world view! One of the many highlights when you climb Mount Trus Madi.

Climb Mount Trus Madi, Sabah, Malaysia with Borneo Dream 🙂

During the 4D3N Climb Mount Trus Madi trek you will stay overnight in basic camps. You will sleep in stretcher hammocks, and have access to bucket showers and toilet facilities. The trail via Sinua is considered the safest to Climb Mount Trus Madi and obviously reach the summit.

The Climb Mount Trus Madi trek is rated as ‘Challenging to Difficult’ – it involves challenging treks in various types of terrain, including difficult uphills/downhills, and may include 5-8 hours of trekking daily. You need to be above average fitness level to enjoy completing this trek.

Additional Wiki Information on Climb Mount Trusmadi

Typical Itinerary – Climb Mount Trus Madi

Day 1 (Meals: dinner)

You get picked up from your hotel in Kota Kinabalu around 12 noon and start your journey by road to Sinua Village located at the base of Mount Trus Madi – the starting point for your climb Mount Trus Madi trek. You will arrive at Kampung Sinua around 4pm and settle in at your camp for the night – Camp 1. Camp 1 is on the border of the Trus Madi Forest Reserve. After dinner you will relax before starting your trek the following morning. Tonight we will be sleeping in jungle hammocks. And for your information we are now at 700 metres Above Sea Level (ASL), so it can get a bit chilly at night.

You have now started your Climb Mount Trus Madi Adventure 🙂

Day 2 (Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Today you start your Climb Mount Trus Madi trek. Today’s trek will take about 4 – 5 hours (about 8 km) to Camp 2. The forest is beautiful, and there is water available along the majority of trail that follows a river. Upon arrival at Camp 2, enjoy lunch and have the afternoon to go for some short walks around the campsite in search of wildlife. Or you can choose to have a rest during your Climb Mount Trus Madi adventure and just sit and relax overlooking the Crocker Range from the beautiful viewpoint next to Camp 2. In the evening, there is an optional night walk. Overnight at Camp 2.

You are now half way in your Climb Mount Trus Madi Adventure.

Day 3 (Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Today we get up at 2:30am and trek for 4 km (4 – 5 hours) to the summit of your Climb Mount Trus Madi Adventure. As the trail gets higher, the forest type changes to heath forest and pitcher plants appear everywhere on the trail. This section of trail used for your Climb Mount Trus Madi is steep and can be slippery when wet as moss grows on the rocks and tree roots. Once you reach the summit of your Climb Mount Trus Madi trek you will enjoy the sunrise and also enjoy the view of the majestic Mount Kinabalu (weather permitting). You then trek back down to Camp 2. Arrive back at camp for lunch and spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing, or, you have an option to go for a short walk. Overnight Camp 2.

Day 4 (Meals: breakfast, lunch)

After breakfast you will trek back to Camp 1, arriving around lunch time. Enjoy lunch before you start your 4 hours transfer back to Kota Kinabalu arriving there around 4pm. Say goodbye to ‘Climb Mount Trus Madi’.

Pre-requisites for your Climb Mount Trusmadi Trek

  • A good level of fitness – you must be happy and comfortable to walk uphill in a hot and humid environment for up to eight hours a day.
  • Be prepared to rough it! The camps are very basic.
  • Be prepared to carry your own personal belongings and up to three litres of water. Porters are hired to carry food stuff and cooking gear. If you let us know in advance, you can hire a porter to carry your own kit for a small additional fee.

What is included in your Mount Trusmadi trek?

  • You will be accompanied by a knowledgeable nature guide who will be supported by Sabah Park ranger & porter
  • Simple Malaysian meals and water
  • Transportation from Kota Kinabalu during your Climb Mount Trusmadi Adventure!
  • All park guides, fees and permits
  • Accommodation in camp (stretcher hammocks).
  • Sleeping bag.

What is not included in your Climb Mount Trusmadi trek?

  • Porters to carry personal kit (up to 12kg of weight per porter). Porters can be booked in advance – let us know if you want to use one.
  • Snacks and energy bars
  • Tips for Guides.

Recommended packing list for the Climb Mount Trusmadi Adventure!

  • Waterproof jacket
  • Warm fleece and hat (beanie)
  • Good walking boots
  • Long trousers and a t-shirt/shirt for trekking
  • A towel ‘Micro Fibre’ type is recommended and spare socks
  • A dry set of clothes for evening and sleeping. Warm clothes are very important as it is cold in the evening because we camp above 1,600 meters asl. The temperature can get down to 13 degrees Celsius.
  • Sunglasses
  • Leech socks
  • Water purification tablets (iodine) – just in case
  • Rucksack
  • Waterproof bag for inside the rucksack, bin liners can be used.
  • Your favourite trekking snacks
  • Personal toiletries
  • Small personal medical kit including plasters, personal meds, plenty of insect repellent, sun cream, etc.
  • Light-weight bowl, mug and cutlery
  • Head torch and spare batteries
  • Camera and binoculars
  • Good pair of garden gloves for hand protection (you will need to hold on to stumps, small trees, vines along the way and it can get cold)


  • Prices are valid for trips up to 31st March 2021 (with 0% Sales & Service Tax on the tour price as applicable from May 2019).
  • Minimum 2 persons per booking.
  • Safety is always the priority and if the park guide and tour leader feel that it is not safe to continue for any reason, then their decision must be respected.
  • All climbers need to book at least one month before your scheduled Climb Mount Trusmadi dates. This is to allow time for approval from Sabah Forestry Office for your permits to climb Mount Trusmadi.
  • This article on the best dry bags could be useful for this trip


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