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Marine Conservation in Borneo


Borneo, as part of the Coral Triangle – the most diverse coral reef region in the world – is an ideal location to learn about and support marine conservation efforts. Joining a marine conservation educational activity during a family holiday, school expedition or group trip offers you amazing life changing experiences whilst making a positive difference. From a Coral Reef Conservation Day Tour, Project AWARE activities to a short marine biology course partnering with Marine Research Foundation we have something for everyone. Contact us to find out more about joining a marine conservation activity with Borneo Dream in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

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Scuba Diving and Marine Conservation in Borneo

Joining marine conservation educational activities during a trip, expedition or holiday in Kota Kinabalu, Borneo can offer you amazing life changing experiences. At Borneo Dream we offer a range of marine conservation options suitable for families, groups or school teams. From our one day popular Coral Reef Conservation Day Tour, beach clean ups, Project AWARE activities through to short Marine Biology courses partnering with Marine Research Foundation there is something for everyone. Our marine conservation in Borneo activities are mainly snorkeling based making them suitable for anyone with basic swimming skills and comfortable in the sea. They can also be tailored to compliment perfectly PADI diving activities like learning to dive.

“Last year the students did more diving, received their PADI certification on the trip and did some in-depth study of coral reefs. We have a group of students very interested in being involved in coral rescue and replanting, now. A safe adventure for students that inspired independent positive environmental action is a gift that Borneo Dreams delivered for our students.” Secondary School Principal, International School in Shanghai

With Kota Kinabalu’s waters being located within the ‘Coral Triangle’ we are lucky to have an incredible variety of marine life in our nearby Marine Park. From colourful soft corals, sponges, hard corals, anemones to numerous species of Clown Fish, Parrot Fish, Barracuda, Moral Eels, Stingrays, macro life galore and Turtles. Where better to also highlight the importance of issues such as the effects of global warming, impact fisheries and marine pollution. Exposing participants to these issues and encouraging them to support marine conservation in Borneo to protect our coral reefs will help support them in becoming environmentally responsible citizens. Borneo, as part of the Coral Triangle – the most diverse coral reef region in the world – is an ideal location to learn about and support marine conservation in Borneo.

Scuba Diving and Marine Conservation in Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, Borneo

Marine Conservation in action during a Holiday or Expedition to Borneo

Alongside participating in one of our PADI diving or snorkeling activities you can compliment it perfectly with a marine conservation educational activity during an expedition, group trip or holiday to Borneo. We make sure all our marine conservation activities are authentic and any ‘direct action’ taken by the teams is having a positive impact on coral reefs and marine life, not a negative impact. We endorse an approach of ‘Look, don’t touch’ and passive interaction with marine life so we take away only positive memories and photos and leave the coral reef untouched.

If you have one day free then join our Coral Reef Conservation Day Tour – an introduction to the complex coral reef ecosystem, how to assess if a coral reef is healthy and actions we can all take to protect our reefs.

For a group of confident divers we can organise a ‘Dive Against Debris’ dive to remove marine debris from a coral reef, or non divers can support a beach clean up. Dive Against Debris is a marine conservation initiative led by Project AWARE which we support at Borneo Dream. From the smallest bits of plastic, car batteries and appliances, to enormous fishing nets, “stuff” from our daily lives makes its way to the ocean every day and damages coral reefs. Your individual marine conservation actions can contribute to a clean, healthy future for the ocean and our coral reefs in Borneo. Data collected is shared online to Project AWARE – all data submitted contributes to the global database and helps drive long-term change to address the marine debris issue.

For those with an interest in marine biology why not join an introduction to Marine Biology course led by our marine conservation partner in Borneo and experts in their field, Marine Research Foundation. Completing this course (which can range from 2 – 4 days) will help bring to life some of the practices involved in measuring, and assessing, the health of a coral reef. Join educational sessions led by experienced qualified Marine Biologists followed by practical, hands on fieldwork sessions. Being able to study and measure a process, or relationship, provides valuable learning and insights about that process / relationship and overtime the health of a reef.

Our marine conservation and PADI programs can be tailored to be suitable for those learning to dive, certified divers progressing their diver education and for those new to snorkeling – there is something for everyone. Scuba diving reinforces environmentally friendly morals and is overall a highly rewarding experience. Diving gives a first hand, front row seat of the beautifully stunning but delicate coral reef ecosystems, providing an informative introduction to caring for the environment and the need for our seas to remain sustainable. As divers, or snorkelers, you have the privilege of seeing the beauty, and health, or our coral reefs up close.

“Whenever an institution looks to take students on an international school field trip safety has to be one of our biggest concerns. The boats and diving equipment used by Borneo Dreams are top notch. Everything was in the finest condition and the student to diving instructor ratio was ideal. All of the instructors were knowledgeable and confidence instilling. Some of my students had experience diving but most were trying it for the first time. The experience was positive and successful for everyone.” Teacher, International School in Shanghai

Borneo Dream is a 5* PADI Dive Facility working to the highest quality and safety standards – from small groups per PADI Instructor, well maintained dive gear, comfortable dive boats and a friendly, highly experience team of PADI Instructors we are the perfect choice for schools and groups looking for an underwater and marine conservation adventure in Sabah, Borneo.

If you are interested in including marine conservation activities, or developing scuba diving or snorkeling skills, during a Borneo School expedition, group trip or holiday then contact your perfect expert and in country partner, Borneo Dream.


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