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Mares Viper mask | Freediving equipment Sabah, Malaysia


Are you a keen free diver or just looking for new mask with a difference. Consider the new Mares Viper mask from our Kota Kinabalu dive shop. The Mares Viper mask comes in three distinct colours – green, brown and black. The mask is well suited to both free diving and general scuba diving as it has an enclosed nose pocket.

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Freediving mask – The Mares Viper mask in Sabah, Malaysia

The Viper mask was developed in partnership with some of the best athletes in the world who are dedicated to the most demanding freedivers and spearfishermen sports. The Mares Viper mask skirt has been modelled with meticulous attention to suit facial ergonomics. Making it suitable for all types of physiognomy. To assist with comfort and to make sure the mask stays in place the surface in contact with the face has been carefully fashioned to offer superior comfort. Making the Mares Viper freediving mask stay put better than traditional extra inner lip masks.

A freediving mask is just at home on a scuba diving day trip as it is plunging to the depths on a single breath. We have a wide range of scuba diving masks and an equally wide range of leisure diving trips in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah as well.

Features of the Mares Viper mask are the skirt exterior has an attractive, sophisticated finish, and the inner surface features a special soft-touch / anti-reflective treatment. The Mares Viper mask frame is encased in the silicone of the skirt to provide a single highly streamlined shape that eliminates potential friction as you come back up to the surface.

The lenses in the Mares Viper mask are positioned closer to the eyes in order to minimise internal volume and ensure a wide field of view. The product’s latest-generation silicones deter condensation, while the ergonomic buckles with double buttons on the skirt enable the strap to be adjusted precisely. The freediving Mares Viper mask is available in a choice of colours: Black, brown, and green.

Ready for a new look? Get the Mares Viper mask today!

PLEASE READ ME – Unfortunately we do deliver, all purchases must be collect in person from a Wisma Sabah Shop in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. It is also strongly advised that you confirm stock availability of the Mares Viper mask before purchasing on-line.

Freediving and spearfishing equipment | Mares Viper mask


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