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M41BS SeaPro frameless mask | scuba diving mask


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Frameless scuba diving mask – M41BS SeaPro frameless mask for all your Sabah diving

When looking for your next snorkeling or scuba diving mask the choice and designs is endless. The SeaPro M41BS frameless mask could be your answer as it offers design, quality and a very attractive price. This mask is completely black with integral tempered glass lenses. The both the mask strap and skirt are made from quality marine grade silicone and will give you many years of service. The frameless scuba diving mask is designed to fit many face variations as it”s super flexible skirt will just mould and stretch to fit.

Scuba diving, snorkeling and freediving this could be your answer | SeaPro frameless mask

Whether you are looking for a mask suitable for scuba diving, snorkeling or freediving you need quality and reliability at a price that we can afford. We feel the SeaPro frameless mask offers all this and more. Why not pop by our Wisma Sabah dive store today and try one on. Please note that you can order on-line but we do not deliver. Also it is strongly advised that you check stock before doing so.


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