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Gull GM1253 Vadar mask perfect for your next scuba diving trip


Style meet design with the Gull GM1253 Vadar scuba diving mask – Super looking and super cool looks.

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Stand out from the crowd – The Gull GM1253 Vadar scuba diving mask

These Gull GM1253 Vadar Masks have so many good features and above they look cool and fit like a dream.

Descriptions of the Gull GM1253 Vadar Mask:

Ultra low volume gives you wider view of fieldSingle lens for wide angle with UV-coating give you extra protectionOne of a handful of masks that fits almost all facesMore comfortable design with 100% soft silicone skirt and strap gives you a comfortable seal and no ring will be left on your faceEasily adjusted integrated, swivel buckles

6 Colours the Gull GM1253 Vadar Mask is available in:

  • Black Silicone x MTBL Red Mask
  • Black Silicone x MTEG Green Mask
  • Black Silicone x MTRC Yellow Mask
  • Black Silicone x MTMN Blue Mask
  • Black Silicone x MTMAGENTA Mask
  • Black Silicone x MTD ORANGE

Features in Depth – Gull GM1253 Vadar Mask

Integrated with skirt, strap with curl lip – With an integrated strap pulling directly from the skirt and a curl lip holding the mask against your face, you enjoy a gentle but effective seal. And the mask is less likely to leave impressions on your skin.

No center frame

The undivided window lets your right-eye vision overlap the left-side field of view and vice versa. You get wide, clear sight and less sensation of pressure on your face. Enjoy high performance in diving situations where field of view is crucial.
Soft damper
Due to pressure squeeze and other causes, the frames of masks that provide improved downward field of view usually tend to exert more pressure on the cheekbones. The soft damper relieves this stress.

Drain skirt

The drain skirt is designed to improve water expulsion during mask clearance and to prevent water from pooling.

You want it! The Gull GM1253 Vadar Mask in Kota Kinabalu

Low volume Gull GM1253 Vadar Mask

Inner space or volume of the Gull GM1253 Vadar Mask is only 140 cc and weight 246 g – We have succeeded in creating a low-volume design that comfortably fits nearly any face. Delivers the kind of mask performance that you can rely on when you challenge the depths.

DX spec mask buckle enables one-handed release – Using the release button, even wearing thick gloves, you can easily release the mask one handed. While diving, it’s simple to adjust the mask using the easy-grip strap ends and slip-rotor system. You also get a finer degree of adjustment.

Excellent Ultraviolet Protection

The newly adopted UV400 Cut lens offers an outstanding rate of ultraviolet protection, blocking 98% or more of the ultraviolet radiation that is considered to affect the eyes and skin (UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C wavelengths). This high-performance lens can let you enjoy diving in even greater comfort.

Buy it today – Gull GM1253 Vadar Mask

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