Snorkels for both Scuba Diving and Snorkelling Day Trips in Kota Kinabalu

The choice of snorkels for both scuba diving and snorkeling is vast. You have a choice of not just colour but style and fit. All the snorkels we offer are suitable for both scuba diving and snorkelling. It is more comfortable to have a snorkel with a soft mouthpiece and a flexible section directly next to it. The bore of the snorkel should be at least 1 inch in diameter so that your breathing is not restricted.

An important point to remember, as a dive operator we see and find a lot of snorkels over the year, so either looks after your snorkel or purchase a less expensive one.

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Do I really need a snorkel for my Sabah diving trip?

Well, the answer is yes or no. It is a very personal thing, obviously, if you are learning to dive a snorkel will be provided for you along with all the other mandatory equipment. However, if you are leisure diving with us most of our leisure divers choose not to use one – But we do offer them.

Snorkels are not just for a snorkelling adventure but are also play a very useful role for scuba divers. When you surface far from a buoy or boat they allow you to effortlessly swim on the surface without inhaling water. The same can be said of swimming from the boat to a decent point or shot line. Snorkels are also great for a bit leisurely snorkelling between dives or checking out a potential dive spot before descending of full kitting up.

Some agencies in the past including PADI use allow or recommend the use of the snorkel when doing surface rescue breathing on non-breathing diver emergencies. But most including PADI have now stopped showing or teaching this method.

Which snorkels are for me? | Sabah diving

When choosing a snorkel you need to think about two things over colour or style. Number 1 is it needs to be a fairly large bore so that it does not create too much breathing resistance, which in turn creates CO2 Carbon Dioxide. And number 2 is comfort when fitted both to your head and your mouth. Long periods of snorkelling with a badly fitted snorkel can cause jaw ache or facial cramps.

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