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The scuba diving regulators we stock are the practical and simple type rather than the fancy bells and whistle type. As in our experience, simple is better and tends to work and last for longer. Scuba diving regulators come in a massive variety of shapes and colours, but the functionality is the same. The key parts of a scuba regulator are:-

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  • First stage either DIN or A-Clamp/Yoke Connection
  • Second stage primary
  • Second stage alternate or octopus ‘the yellow one’
  • Submersible pressure gauge or SPG, but this may be part of a console and contain other instruments.
  • Low-pressure inflator hose or LPI for inflating your BCD or Wing.

The first stage is connected directly to your scuba tank or cylinder either via a DIN connection or an A-Clamp/Yoke. The yoke is the most common across the world. However many Europeans prefer the DIN connection as this screws into the cylinder valve and have a user-owned o-ring rather than relying on the one fitted to the cylinder valve. The scuba first stage regulator takes the tank pressure of upwards of 200 bar / 3000 psi and regulates it to around 10 bar. Each manufacturer of scuba diving regulators has very slightly different first-stage pressure or IP / intermediate pressure.

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Once the first stage regulator has reduced the cylinder pressure to 10 bar it then makes its way to either the primary second stage regulator or the very important alternate or octopus second stage regulator. Most primary second stage regulators are what’s known as downstream demand valve type regulators. They are designed to deliver air to the user or diver via a diaphragm acting on a demand valve lever. They are also, should an issue arise designed to fail open as the name downstream states. Thus always giving the diver air.

Also attached to the first stage regulators is the high pressure or HP hose leading to the SPG or submersible pressure gauge. This hose delivers tank pressure directly to the gauge and is not reduced in any way. First stage regulators generally have only one HP port but may have more than one on different models. The SPG can be part of a console and contain other very useful gauges such as depth, compass or even a dive computer module.

If there is a particular set of scuba diving regulators you are looking for why not drop us a line and see what fantastic deal we can offer you.

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