Masks | Snorkel mask or scuba mask for your Sabah Adventure!

Masks, without a mask your scuba diving or snorkel day trip in Kota Kinabalu is going to be a little slow… We have a nice range of masks all they offer you great value for money and comfort.
Scuba mask | Diving equipment, Kota Kinabalu

Without a snorkel mask, your eyes get very wet…

A mask, also known as half mask, snorkel mask, scuba mask or dive mask is an item of equipment that allows snorkelers, underwater divers, scuba divers and free-divers to see clearly underwater. However, surface-supplied divers (They would not be seen dead in snorkel masks 🙂 ) usually use a full-face mask but generally a diving helmet. However, in some circumstances, the half mask may be still be used. If we want to be able to see underwater then we need a mask. This is because when the human eye is in direct contact with water as opposed to air – its normal environment. Light entering the eye is refracted by a different angle. The eye is then unable to focus the light. But by providing an air space in front of the eyes using a snorkel mask, scuba mask or full face/diving helmet. Then the light enters normally and the eye is able to focus correctly – Like magic, you can now see Nemo.

I can see it! Thank you snorkel mask and a scuba mask

When the diver descends with his trusty scuba mask the ambient pressure rises. Because of this, it becomes necessary to equalise the pressure inside the mask. If the pressure is not equalised with the ambient pressure then barotrauma also known as mask squeeze is possible. This is easily done by blowing sufficient air out through the nose into the mask to relieve the pressure difference. However, most persons when scuba diving or snorkelling naturally breathe a little out of their noses without knowing. You can only equalise this space if the nose is also enclosed in the same air space as the eyes. When ascending there is no need to equalise as it is all done automatically by our very smart little bodies.

Lenses for your masks – If you wear glasses on dry land why not treat yourself to some corrective lenses. These lenses can be installed in a selected range of snorkel masks and scuba masks. Once fitted they allow normal vision for persons with focusing defects. But, if you use contact lenses normally these can still be used with both a snorkel mask and scuba mask.

The range of masks for both use as a snorkel mask or scuba mask is vast. Not just colours and styles but also their general fit and design. Each brand or design has a different field of view. Masks come in all shapes and sizes just like me and you. At our Wisma Sabah shop in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia we stock a wide variety of masks so we strongly recommend you visit for a fitting – snorkel mask and a scuba mask whatever you want we can help!

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