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Dive Computers

Calculate your dive in real-time with Dive Computers from Borneo Dream in Kota Kinabalu

A Dive Computers or DC is a wrist mount electronic instrument just like a watch but a lot fancier. Designed to make your life simpler when scuba diving. They display as a minimum dive time, allowable bottom time, depth and possible temperature and even what gas you are supposed to be breathing.

Dive computers or personal decompression computer is a device used by scuba diver to measure the time and depth of a dive. Thus helping him or her to safely ascend in a profile calculated and displayed on the said dive computers. This way they should avoid decompression sickness

Dive Computer | Diving equipment, Kota Kinabalu

Could I use my iMac or iPad be used as dive computers?

For the most part, the purpose of dive computers is to use real-time ambient pressure input to a decompression algorithm. Thus to indicate the remaining time to a no-stop limit. After they have exhausted that, the decompression required to surface would be hopefully displayed.

There are several algorithms out in the market place plus various personal conservatism factors are available. Some dive computers even allow for gas switching during the dive – fancy. There may be alarms to warn the diver when he or she exceeds the no-stop limit, the maximum depth for their chosen gas, or the industry-standard recommended ascent rate.

On a typical display, it provides data to allow the diver to avoid decompression, related safety stops and includes the duration and depth of the current dive. Additional functions and displays may be available such as water temperature or even compass direction. Some dive computers have the ability to download their data via cables, wifi or even Bluetooth.

Dive computers can be wrist-mounted, fitted to a console and may even include a submersible pressure gauge. At Borneo Dream we only stock one or two dive computers, however, should there be a particular model you are after why not drop us a line and let us quote you.

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