Controlling your buoyancy in Kota Kinabalu with a BCD or Buoyancy Compensation Device.

BCD’s or Buoyancy Control Device is very useful for scuba diving and without this, you would need to carry your dive cylinder under your arm. A BCD is a jacket that has similar clips and buckles to that of climbing or walking rucksack. It allows you to scuba dive whilst carrying a dive cylinder and regulators. Some BCD’s have the provision for integrated weights so that you do not need to wear a weight belt. BCD’s can also have pockets to store your SMB and Reel plus D-Rings for clipping on slates and accessories.

BCD's all shapes and sizes. Buy today from the Borneo Dream Dive Shop and kick off your Sabah Diving adventure.

A BCD is just like a rucksack…

They allow you to float safely on the surface prior to a dive or gently sink during an ascent. They are even more useful after a dive whilst waiting on the surface to be collected by your dive boat. This will allow you to relax and conserve energy rather than finning to stay on the surface. A BCD must be easy to don and remove in case of an emergency or need to enter a small boat. They come in all shapes and sizes but one thing is that is often overlooked. They need to be light if you are thinking of travelling with one. Because today’s airlines love to charge you for extra kilo’s.

These special little jackets are made generally from Cordura which is a fabric originally designed by DuPont (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Koch Industries) back in 1929 and then later appeared in World War 2. Cordura is extremely tough and excellent resistance against wear caused by rubbing against abrasive surfaces.

I think if the armies around the globe are happy to Cordura then your new BCD with being just fine on your next Sabah diving trip with us.

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