Underwater camera rental | GoPro Hero3 Black | Canon G16 c/w underwater housing in Kota Kinabalu


MYR 150.00

Take home memories - Why not rent a underwater camera with your next snorkeling or diving trip. Rent our exclusive GoPro Hero3 Black or the super dooper Canon G16 complete with housing. They are 12 mega pixel and are capable of diving to depths of 40 metres. With a few minutes of tution you can get some great underwater images to remember your trip by.

Underwater Camera Rental GoPro Hero3 or Canon G16 with Underwater Housing in Kota Kinabalu

Want to remember your trip to Kota Kinabalu? Why not consider an Underwater Camera Rental. At Borneo Dream we offer 2 types of Underwater Camera Rental. The first underwater Camera rental we offer is a digital still camera (Canon G16 with underwater housing). And our final offering in the underwater camera rental is the GoPro Hero3 HD Action and Adrenalin Camera with waterproof housing. Both cameras can be rented on any of our Daily Diving or Snorkeling Trip in Kota Kinabalu at MYR 159.00 per camera, per day trip - 24 hours advance notice.

If you would like to enhance your underwater photography skills then check out our PADI Digital Underwater Photography Course which is suitable for scuba divers and snorkelers and can be completed in a day as part of a Borneo Dream trip to Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park.

Option 1 - Underwater Camera Rental Canon G16 with Underwater Housing

The Canon G16 with Underwater Housing is a really nice digital compact stills camera and with a 12MP (4000x3000 Px) capability it can take some lovely shots. This underwater camera rental package comes with the ability to 'Manually White Balance' the camera so that your shots are the right colours. The underwater camera rental package has 32Gb SD Memory Card so there is plenty of space.

At the end of the day WE will open the housing and transfer your shots to Google Picasa Web Albums/Google+. During this process we will tidy up your shots and only upload the cool ones :-) Once all editing is done and upload is complete we will send you a link to your photos allowing you to share with friends or download.

Option 2 - Underwater Camera Rental GoPro Hero3 HD Black

The GoPro Hero3 HD Black is a superb development in hand-held action cameras and takes some stunning shots both above and below the water line. It has the ability to capture and store full broadcast quality video at 50 frames per second to 12MP fish eye still photos. It can also do time lapse and burst photos. This is a superb underwater camera rental package with some great features.

GoPro Hero3 HD or Canon G12 with underwater housing Camera Rental Packages can be rented with any of or Borneo Dream Daily Diving or Snorkeling Trips here in Kota Kinabalu.

Borneo Dream

Thanks Borneo Dreamers...

You have caused me to go out and buy my own Gopro Camera after renting one for you on my last dive trip to KK. Thank you very much... :-)

Many thanks Borneo Dream for rental and the great instruction from your team on the use of. It's great thing to use plus you get keep the SD card afterwards, which I now have in my Samsung S5 - Thanks!
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