SeaPro SMB Spool/Reel and Brass Snap Hook great for those sausage launching moments

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Reel Spool and Brass Snap Hook

MYR 40.00

The SeaPro Reel or Spool complete with brass double ended snap hook. Ideal for crave or wreck penetrations or simply controlling the deployment of a DSMB or Signal Buoy whilst on your next diving adventure with Borneo Dream in Kota Kinabalu.

SeaPro SMB Spool/Reel and Brass Snap Hook fits in your BCD pocket or attach toD-Ring

The SeaPro 'SMB' Spool/Reel and Brass Snap Hook is made from a rugged plastic spool, 100' (30m) string and a solid Brass Snap Hook. This can be used with SMB/DSMB 'Delayed Surface Marker Buoys' as well as small wreck/cave penetrations. The reel or spool depending upon what you wish to call it can be easily popped in your BCD pocket or simply clipped to your BCD D Ring. The brass double ended snap hook is great for attaching to your DSMB or equally at home attaching to your BCD.

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