Masks | Snorkel mask or scuba mask for your Sabah Adventure!

Masks, without a mask your scuba diving or snorkel day trip in Kota Kinabalu it is going to be a little slow... We have a nice range of masks all them offer you great value for money and comfort.

Snorkel mask and scuba mask always in stock for your Sabah Adventure - Book today!

Without a snorkel mask your eyes get very wet...

A mask, also known as half mask, snorkel mask, scuba mask or dive mask is an item of equipment that allows snorkelers, underwater divers, scuba divers and free-divers to see clearly underwater. However surface supplied divers (They would not be seen dead in snorkel mask :-) ) usually use a full faced mask but generally a diving helmet. However, in some circumstances the half mask may be still be used. If we want to be able to see underwater then we need a mask. This is because when the human eye is in direct contact with water as opposed to air - its normal environment. Light entering the eye is refracted by a different angle. The eye is then unable to focus the light. But by providing an air space in front of the eyes using a snorkel mask, scuba mask or full face/diving helmet. Then the light enters normally and the eye is able to focus correctly - Like magic you can now see Nemo.

I can see! Thank you snorkel mask and scuba mask

When the diver descends with his trusty scuba mask the ambient pressure rises. Because of this it becomes necessary to equalise the pressure inside the mask. If pressure is not equalised with the ambient pressure then a barotrauma also known as mask squeeze is possible. This is easily done by blowing sufficient air out through the nose into the mask to relieve the pressure difference. However most persons when scuba diving or snorkelling naturally breath a little out of there noses with out knowing. You can only equalise this space if the nose is also enclosed in the same air space as the eyes. When ascending there is no need to equalise as it is all done automatically by our very smart little bodies.

Lenses for your masks - If you wear glasses on dry land why not treat yourself to some corrective lenses. These lenses can be installed a selected range of snorkel mask and scuba mask. Once fitted they allow normal vision for persons with focusing defects. But, if you use contact lenses normally these can still be used with both snorkel mask and scuba mask.

The range of masks for both use as snorkel mask or scuba mask is vast. Not just colours and styles but also there general fit and design. Each brand or design has a different field of view. Masks come in all shapes and sizes just like me and you. At our Wisma Sabah shop in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia we stock a wide verity of masks so we strongly recommend you visit for a fitting - snorkel mask and scuba mask what ever you want we can help!

MYR 64.00  

The SeaPro mask RM01S is most seen across SE Asia as the rental or learn to dive mask. It is this because it fit most faces and offers super value therefore no tears if you loose during your PADI Open Water Course or leisure diving trip.

MYR 250.00 MYR 307.00  

Do you have a narrow or small face and in need of a quality scuba diving or snorkeling mask? Then the Gull Coco mask is perfect for you. It is very well design and is extremely stylish from all angles. Making it perfect for the discerning diver or snorkeled :-)

MYR 195.00 MYR 256.00  

Enjoy the fit and style of the Mares i3 scuba diving mask or the Mares i3 Sunrise mask. Both the same fit and style just with very minor and I mean minor differences. But, still both perfectly suited to snorkeling or scuba diving around Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

MYR 450.00 MYR 591.00  

Style meet design with the Gull GM1253 Vadar scuba diving mask - Super looking and super cool looks.

MYR 89.00  

This package combines practical with value, the Mares Rover scuba diving mask and snorkel set is perfect. Suited to both snorkeling and scuba diving trips and tours around Kota Kinabalu.

MYR 235.00 MYR 292.00  

Do you wear glasses? Would you like to enjoy your snorkeling and scuba diving trips by enjoying the view? Consider a scuba diving mask fitted with prescriptive lenses. The Gull Bubo Prescription mask is a perfect choice. We can change the lenses in store and have you ready to dive or snorkel in minutes.

MYR 110.00 MYR 145.00  

Features, design, practicality and value equals the Mares One Vision 15 scuba diving mask. So looking at booking PADI scuba diving course then you might want to have your own scuba diving mask.

MYR 110.00 MYR 145.00  

When deciding on your first mask it is always tricky. But the most important thing even above price is fit. And the Mares One Vision 15 scuba diving mask has this. It fits a wide verity of faces but still holds on to its great looks and value.

MYR 56.00 MYR 73.00  

When looking after ones money it is important to choose products that will give you value as well as design. The Mares Rover mask is just that, with great features and fit but also at a great price.

MYR 250.00 MYR 330.00  

The IST ProEar mask is perfect device for those who suffer from equalising issues or have suffered from repetitive ear infections. As the IST ProEar can keep your ears almost perfectly dry during your Borneo Dream scuba diving adventure.

MYR 225.00  

Enjoy your next snorkeling tour in Kota Kinabalu with the revolutionised Tribord EasyBreath full face snorkel mask. It is so radical and will turn your snorkeling trip upside down. Breath through your nose or mouth whilst enjoying your snorkeling tour it just great. The martians have definitely landed in Kota Kinabalu with this new snorkeling mask.

MYR 220.00 MYR 323.00  

Wanting a new mask for your Malaysian snorkeling adventure or next scuba diving Sabah adrenaline rush? Then take a look at our Mares X-VU LiquidSkin Sunrise mask. In such a wide range of colours this mask is perfect for all outfits. The fit, comfort and design will leave you speachless

MYR 80.00 MYR 88.00  

Looking for a great low priced scuba diving mask? Consider the IST Corona scuba diving and snorkeling mask. Comes in choice of three great colours and nice soft silicone skirt making sure it fits all sorts of faces. Has two separate lenses allowing the fitment of corrective lenses.

MYR 260.00 MYR 342.00  
Mares X-Vision Ultra Liquid Skin mask - Great for scuba diving and snorkeling in Sabah! Looking for something different and stylish? The Mares X-Vision with a twist could be for you. The all new Mares X-Vision Ultra Liquid Skin mask with tinted/coated lenses in either gold or silver. How...

MYR 175.00 MYR 215.00  
Snorkeling mask full face | Better enjoy snorkeling in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia You may have seen the buzz around your favourite snorkeling spot or destination. Well, why not enjoy the best snorkeling in Malaysia with a snorkeling mask full face. We have sourced from our local supplier...

MYR 175.00 MYR 222.00  

Are you a keen free diver or just looking for new mask with a difference. Consider the new Mares Viper mask from our Kota Kinabalu dive shop. The Mares Viper mask comes in three distinct colours - green, brown and black. The mask is well suited to both free diving and general scuba diving as it has an enclosed nose pocket.

MYR 85.00 MYR 110.00  
Frameless scuba diving mask - M41BS SeaPro frameless mask for all your Sabah diving When looking for your next snorkeling or scuba diving mask the choice and designs is endless. The SeaPro M41BS frameless mask could be your answer as it offers design, quality and a very attractive price. This...

MYR 115.00 MYR 123.00  

Best value in town! The Mares Vento mask an snorkel set. I perfect priced package for your next snorkeling day trip in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah with Borneo Dream. Great fit, comfort and value all in one, what more could you ask.

MYR 200.00 MYR 256.00  

The Scubapro Steel Comp mask offers great looks and amazing features. The mask is at home snorkeling but more importantly superb when freediving with is flexible lens frame design. Looking for something different then the Scubapro Steel Comp mask could be for you, available in black, white and the all new clear design.

MYR 137.00 MYR 172.00  

If you are in the market for a great value, feature packed mask then the Scubapro Zoom mask is for you. Twin lensed and the ability to add prescription optics if required.

MYR 264.00 MYR 330.00  
The Icon of Masks | The Scubapro Frameless Mask Scubapro Frameless mask - Venerated mask continues to attract admirers from all corners of the diving world. What's so great about a Scubapro Frameless mask ? By eliminating the frame, you create a mask that sits closer to your eyes....

MYR 108.00 MYR 142.00  

The Scubapro Fino mask is straight forward no frills scuba diving and snorkeling mask. Offering great looks, low volume for easy clearing and a soft excellent fit.

MYR 203.00 MYR 256.00  

Superior design and excellent fit - Scubapro Synergy Twin Trufit Mask. The Scubapro mask comes 5 different colours all offering the same fantastic features. One even has mirrored lens to help prevent refelctions whilst diving or snorkeling.

MYR 214.00 MYR 302.00  

Scubapro Flux Twin Mask | Great all round mask for snorkeling and scuba diving in Sabah. Most ideally suited to those needing a prescriptive mask for better vision underwater. The Flux Twin has great low volume and very flexible and soft skirt giving a great seal on your next underwater adventure.

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