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MYR 369.00

Cruise along the reefs in this Mares camo rash guard top and pants set. We are sure you will not be spotted by Nemo. come to our central Kota Kinabalu, Sabah dive shop for a wide range of camo dive and snorkel gear.


Mares camo rash guard top and pants | Borneo Dream Dive Shop, Kota Kinabalu

Whether you are spear fishing (where permitted), scuba diving or snorkeling along a shallow reef in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. This Mares camo rash guard top and pants collection/set will offer you some warmth, protection and above style on your next Sabah adventure. The combination of the two is just perfect, the fit and style is some of the best we have seen from Mares. We believe you will enjoy the feel of the product and the envious looks you will get from your fellow diver or snorkeler.

Why compliment the out fit with a set of Mares Avanti Quattro Power full foot fins in camo or even a Mares Viper mask in green - What ever you choose I'm shore at our flag ship store in central Kota Kinabalu we can find dive r snorkel gear just for you. Remember often our in-store pricing is far lower than what we are permitted to advertise at.

Be hidden with the Mares Camo rash guard top and pants collection from Borneo Dream, Sabah

422440 - Mares top rash guard camo green | Blend with nature

The Mares camo rash guard top is made in various image-scrambling camouflage colours and offers protection against UV rays and undesirable environmental elements. The colours and fit help blend the fisherman’s profile into the surrounding environment. The Mares camo rash guar can be worn stand alone or over a wet suit. We offer the top in camo green and it is 0.3mm thick. Both the top and shorts come in variety of sizes from 2 to 6 (see chart above).

422441 - Mares pants rash guard camo green | You can't find me

Details for the Mares camo pants is basically the same as the camo top above.

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