Mares Rover snorkel at this price you can not beat it for looks

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MYR 16.00

This is value in big capital letters. The Mares Rover snorkel is truly value at a crazy price you can not resist. It is perfect for both learning to dive, leisure diving day trips or simply snorkeling with friends.

Mares Rover snorkel is the true value snorkeling accessory or scuba :-)

Looking for a excellent priced but well designed snorkel? Then look no further the Mares Rover Snorkel is for you. Whether you are snorkeling or scuba diving along the reefs in Sabah, Malaysia this is the one for you. Ergonomic mid size snorkel with integrated snorkel keeper for easy assembly on to a mask. Mares quality at an exceptionally competitive price

What are you waiting for, Pick a bargain Today - The Mares Rover Snorkel

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