Mares Rover Pro snorkel offering budget value with great features

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Mares Rover Pro Snorkel, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

MYR 26.00

There is budget snorkels and then there is the Mares Rover Pro snorkel with cool design and features but still at an incredible price. At home scuba diving off Sapi House Reef or snorkelling with friends from a boat.

Mares Rover Pro snorkel equally at home snorkelling or learn to dive

Our entry level - A simple and reliable snorkel, everything you need and nothing you don’t. The Mares Rover Pro snorkel has a keeper which is integrated in the tube and the mouthpiece is mounted on a housing which integrates a purge valve. Ideal for Dive Centres and budget conscious travellers.

Easy and intuitive - The Mares Rover Pro Snorkel

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