Mares Razor Pro Spear Fishing Full Foot Fin when you need more length...

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When you are looking for long and super powerful fin there seems to be only one choice - The Mares Razor Pro Spear Fishing full foot fin. This fin is long very well made and designed and above all comfortable to wear and use. This fins are at home whilst scuba diving along a reef in Kota Kinabalu's national marine park or taking part in a guided snorkeling trip Malaysia.

Sometimes length is important | Mares Razor Pro Spear Fishing Full Foot Fin

Looking for super long fin? Then try the Mares Razor Pro with an interchangeable blade. The comfort of the foot pocket is second to none and has be designed with help of one of Italy’s leading foot clinic - Podology.

With your foot in the Mares Razor fin you will instantly notice the shape and extra thickness of the instep plus the tensioners under the arch. These designs have been meticulously researched to convey the maximum amount of energy. This is directed to the Mares Razor’s blade but still providing comfort.

The variable-thickness blade on the Mares Razor bends during the various phases of fining action whether you are snorkeling or diving. Thus achieving an ideal flexion curve - Cool! (No idea what that is) This is all due to those clever boys at Mares and the use of the best techno-polymers - the true core of agility and elasticity.

Oh what big feet you have Grandma... Mares Razor Pro full foot fin

The Mares Razor Spear Fish Fin incorporates special design of channels on the blade and the lateral stringers on the foot pocket making it possible to channel and increase the flow of water toward the pronounced V" at the tip, increasing thrust and preventing the fin from slipping laterally. This means it works really well when you are snorkeling or scuba diving around Kota Kinabalu. Its light weight and power give the Mares Razor Pro Spear Fishing Fin the best yield among all the techno-polymer fins currently available.

The Mares Razor Pro Spear Fishing Full Foot Fin is commonly used for either snorkeling like a guided snorkeling day tour in Kota Kinabalu’s local marine park. Or for the more adventurous how about trying on leisure diving day trip. and more. What makes the Mares Razor Pro Spear Fishing Full Foot Fin so popular is the comfortable, efficient and the fact that it is surprisingly lightweight.

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