Mares foldable snorkel in black or white | They are bent on sucess

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Be flexible! Mares foldable snorkel in black or white

MYR 56.00

From time to time a great product turns up or is developed. And we think the new Mares foldable snorkel be just that. With it's great looks and design we feel it is going to be a winner. Amazing value and fantastic to use, buy one today an drop it in your BCD pocket | Bent on success :-)


Ready for something new? Mares foldable snorkel | Sabah snorkeling

Mares have designed a very nice and compact snorkel to fit in your packet. The Mares foldable snorkel is very well designed and extreme soft and comfortable to use. Made entirely from silicone and supplied in it's own storage box. Making it great for those irregular snorkeling days or usage.

#411479 Mares foldable snorkel is a folding fully silicone snorkel ideal for travel and adventure. It's currently available in black and white. It's ergonomic shape allows it to simply roll up into a compact design for dropping into your BCD pocket. Alternative you could use a spring clip and attach to an external d-ring of your BCD. The all silicone design of the folding snorkel allows for flexibility and durability. The tube top design has been made to prevent water entry whilst snorkeling. Perfect for the travelling snorkeler or diver.

Mares foldable snorkel, want one?

Please come to our flag ship dive shop in Kota Kinabalu and pick one up as unfortunately we do not deliver.

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