IST Proline Dive Gear

IST Proline Dive Gear Kota Kinabalu | Borneo Dream Dive Shop

IST Proline Dive Gear Products a wide range of good quality and affordable goods in Kota Kinabalu by Borneo Dream Dive Shop.

MYR 72.00  

The IST F20 Super full foot fin is the chosen fin for thousands of dive centres, snorkelers and divers across Asia. And has become the standard in the rental or learn to dive fin market.

MYR 80.00 MYR 88.00  

Looking for a great low priced scuba diving mask? Consider the IST Corona scuba diving and snorkeling mask. Comes in choice of three great colours and nice soft silicone skirt making sure it fits all sorts of faces. Has two separate lenses allowing the fitment of corrective lenses.

MYR 88.00  

The IST/SeaPro medium mesh dive bag great for all your snorkeling and scuba diving day trips with Borneo Dream in Kota Kinabalu. Fits large and small fins with ease with double handles and double ended zipper.

MYR 43.00  

Want to be secure...? Whilst scuba diving or snorkeling Kota Kinabalu is is important to look after your treasured underwater camera or torch. So why not use a lanyard such as IST LY-2 Quick Release Coiled Lanyard.

MYR 250.00 MYR 330.00  

The IST ProEar mask is perfect device for those who suffer from equalising issues or have suffered from repetitive ear infections. As the IST ProEar can keep your ears almost perfectly dry during your Borneo Dream scuba diving adventure.