3D2N Kinabatangan River, Sepilok and Gomantong Caves
We set off from Sandakan and from the first pick up the entire trip was incredible, very proffessional, great guides and amazing wildlife.

Borneo Dream actually used a different company, but they know their stuff and everything was perfect. Sepilok is ok with the Orangutans, but too many people there, even though the work they do there is very impressive. What you really want to see is the animals in the wild, but you need a bit of luck...

As for the jungle nature lodge, what a couple days! We saw loads of weird bugs etc but river cruises were spectcular. there are a few other boats out at the same time as yours but you still get loads of phot opportunities. Probiscus monkeys, long tail macaques, crocodiles (only if the water isn't too high, i only saw the briefest of the top of one), loads of birds. But, probably one of the best things I've ever seen were, the rare pygmy elephants, a huge family of them 2 days in a row!! We even saw a baby swimming across the river to join it's mates. Great photos.

The jungle walks are goos for bugs etc, watch out for the leeches!! I had one inside my trousers as i went to the toilet... lol very humerous when i told the group. The walks are mainly to experience what it's like being in the jungle, you see many big animals if any at all. But the odd weird bug kept me interested. FYI very humid! My girlfriend and some of the others got the boat back from the ox bow lake because the water level was high enough to get through the mangroves. An option if you're not a fan of hot and sticky walking.

The last day was a visit to the Gomantong Caves, there's a wooden walk way around the cave. Full of bats, cockroaches, spiders etc When I say it's big, i mean it's really big. If you don't like bugs it's fine as it's very open and nothing can get to you from above. The floor is covered it bat poo which makes for a very strong smell! We were treated on the walk back through the canopy by a wild Female Orangutan and her baby comming down from the trees to say hello. Perfect end to an amazing trip! Enjoy!

4D3N Turtle island and Kinabatangan River
We are a couple in our mid twenties from NZ.

The 4 day tour was very well organised with great tour guides. Shout out to John who was our personal fav although all of them were amazing.
Turtle island was beautiful, monitor lizards roam freely and the island has a loyal bunch of green sea turtles so viewings of nestings are nearly guaranteed. We saw the nesting, transplanting of the eggs into the hatchery and then watched newly hatched turtles running into the water.
The accomodation is basic but adequate, the food is really well done.
The accomodation on kinabatangan river again was basic but adequate and the food was delicious.
Animal wise we spotted crocodiles, monkeys inc. probiscous, rare birds, scorpions, bats, leeches, otters and lizards. The staff were friendly, accomodating and helpful.

On the last day we went to the Gomontong caves and saw orangatangs in the wild and a snake outside the bathrooms.

Im a scaredy cat but the whole tour felt safe due to the experienced tour guides, i would highly recommend it to friends and family.

Thorough and professional dive company.
Couldn't recommend these guys and girls highly enough, did my open water PADi over 3.5 days with Esther as my instructor. Always made the effort to see if I understood everything that was going on, plus made it a fun experience and cracked a few jokes with the team.
So good in fact that I have booked in my advanced open water with these guys!

If your heading to KK go in and check these guys out, great people, great boats and a fun time!

Snorkelling Tour was great
It was our first time snorkelling but the guide (Esther) was really good. It was just three of us including Esther whilst 4 others went scuba diving. We had a really good time and saw some great fish and a turtle even though the weather wasnt great.

3D2N - loved it!
We went on our tour with Borneo Dream last week and we honestly couldn't have had a better time!

We did the 3D2N - Turtle Island and River Cruise - and everything was perfect! The whole tour is so well planned, and we were completely looked after from start to finish. We were unsure at first whether or not to add the Turtle Island part on our trip but this actually turned out to be our favorite part; the whole island is gorgeous and there were so few of us there (maybe 12 guests?) that it felt like we had the place to ourselves.

The guides were great (Hasim then Jon), everything ran on time, the food and accommodation were basic but more than nice enough.

Our only negative would be the guided night walk on the river - Lots and lots of mosquitoes, mud, bugs, and we even had to wade through water that was up to our shins. But obviously this might be great for some people, just not for us at all and we only saw a badger! (Also, don't wear your own shoes and we initially planned to but are SO grateful that we wore there's instead - at an extra cost for those on the 3D4N tour).

Overall we had the BEST few days and couldn't recommend this trip enough. Well worth every penny.

4 Day, 3 Night Turtle Island and Kinabatangan Tour
We enjoyed the most amazing experience to Turtle Island and to the Kinabatangan River with Borneo Dream and their tour partner Nasalis Larvatus.

Turtle Island is a gem which really needs to be seen to be believed. We saw a turtle lay eggs and also released the baby turtles which had hatched that day to the sea which was a beautiful experience.

We visited the Orangutan and Sun Bear sanctuary on our way to the Kinabatangan River.

During our stay on the River we saw a vast array of wildlife in their natural habitat including many species of monkeys and horn-bills, crocodiles and lots and lots of other creatures. We did not encounter any pigmy elephants which was unfortunate.

The accommodation on Turtle Island was basic but you're there for the turtles. Don't be expecting must from it.

The accommodation in the detached chalets in the Kinabatangan Nature Lodge was good, a clean room with en-suite and air conditioning.

The food in both was good and there was lots to go around and enough for seconds!!!

Our tour guides were very knowledgeable and we would recommend this tour to anyone visiting Borneo.

I think a 3 day, 2 night tour would be adequate if you're not comfortable in the wilds of Borneo.

What a great experience with Borneo Dream
Last week was the first time my family and I visited Kota Kinnabalu and one of the main activity that we planned was to try scuba diving. We signed up the Scuba Discovery Course with Borneo Dream and it was one of the best experience my family can take away about diving and Sabah. The guys were very good in what they do and everything went on perfectly - my children got to see the fishes and corals for real. Besides, the trekking and snorkeling were also fun. Prior to the trip, we were concerned about the trip and Borneo Dream went the extra mile to assure us that our worries were unfounded and I am glad we took their advise. Thank you guys for your professionalism in handling issues and making it such a wonderful experience for us. We look forward to return and do the open water course some day with you.

Cheers, Stephen ST

Amazing diving course
I did PADI openwater course here, The office was nice and clean where I did my theory class. Luke was kind and explains me well about theory. And I did actual course with diveinstructor Eugene, he was super patient and caring even tho I was a bit slow-learner. They consider safety very important and all equipment was good, all staffs and instructors and even the captain on the boat, everyone was nice. I wanna dive again with Borneo dream. Thank you so much for my first dive experience well-cared!

TOP RECOMMENDATION for OW+AOW diving courses
I want to say a big thank you to the Borneo Dream Team. My girlfriend and I had a wonderful time during the 5 days we spent getting our OW+AOW diving licences with you.
My attention was first drawn to Borneo Dream by the good reviews on tripadvisor. I wanna list a few points here that I find great about the company:

1) I contacted them by phone and was glad to have the owner Luke take my call, during which he patiently answered all my questions and convinced me with his professional knowledge and attitude.

2) My girlfriend and I had a private instructor called Eugene, who was amazing. Super smooth, patient, highly professional, very experienced, and trilingual (!). So it was possible for my girlfriend to make the theory and exams in Chinese at the same time that I did them in English. Also during the diving courses Eugene could explain crucial points in Chinese to her. My girlfriend liked him so much I'm glad she came back with me and didn't stay there ;-)

3) The diving boats are spacious and in good condition. Every morning at the jetty, I saw many boats from other operators, which were both smaller and with more people on them. Luke told me during our first call on the phone that even though the max capacity on his boats is for 16 people, he would not let more than 12 onto them. He kept his word.

4) The diving equipment is in very good condition and they have wetsuits for all sizes.

5) The diving sites are very good for learning to dive. There are no strong currents, and there is plenty of fish and coral to see. Eugene is an exceptional instructor with a great eye for hard-to-see creatures (he pointed at two ghost pipefish and a sea horse). Only visibility wasn't too good at around 10m, due to a taifun near Taiwan. But we were told visibility is normally better.

6) A great team with a nice and fun atmosphere (that is very important on a diving boat).

We stayed at the Eden54 hotel, which is very good value for money, and only a 5 min walk in the morning to the jetty, where the boat leaves.
Also it's very nice to have a drink and watch the amazing sunsets on the rooftop bar of the Grandis hotel, which is only a 2 min walk from the jetty.
Also check out the great chocolate/banana/ice cream crepes at the jetty, we had them every day after our diving courses.

To sum up, it was just great.
Thanks, and I hope we'll meet again.

Professional & Fun!
From the word go they were very attentive with making sure we knew exactly what we were doing, and gave thorough dive briefings. The equipment was good, and the team gave off a really nice relaxed vibe making sure everyone felt completely comfortable to dive. The dives were nice, with our great instructor Bass finding us rays, turtles, sea horse, pipefish, barracuda. All in all a lovely day with a good atmosphere!
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