Gull Leila Dry SP snorkel packed with design and looks

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MYR 130.00

Well designed Japanese snorkel with lovely features and style. The Gull Leila Dry SP snorkel is a pleasure to use and is well suited to scuba diving and snorkeling adventures in Kota Kinabalu

Gull Leila Dry SP snorkel is the Vogue of the snorkel world

This Gull Leila Dry SP Snorkel is well designed light weight and fitted with a smaller than standard mouth piece making very suited to children and small persons such as ladies. Perfect for both snorkeling and scuba diving day trips in Malaysia.


  • Specially design for Female/Smaller divers and snorkelers with smaller mouthpiece
  • Streamlined smooth-bore flex tube to minimize resistance while diving
  • Silicone purge allows effortless clearing and prevents water from seeping inside
  • Special splash guard design to minimize the infiltration of water by wave
  • Quick-release snorkel keeper for easy attach and detach of snorkel
  • Soft silicone mouthpiece which is comfortable for long time usage
  • 12 colours are avaliable: CR-Sax(SX); CR-Pink(PK); Clear(CLR); CM-Blue(CMBU); C-Pink(CPK); M-Orange(MOR);

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