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FAQ's - Answers to your questions when considering an adventure with Borneo Dream in Sabah, Malaysia

At Borneo Dream we focus on providing a fast, responsive and personalised service to our customers. This means for or Sales Team, your first point of contact when emailing or calling us, providing expert advice and answering any questions you may have about coming on holiday to Sabah, or for the trip or tour you want to join.

There are some questions our customers regularly ask so to help you get ahead we have provided below our most ‘frequently asked questions’ and shared our expert, local advice to help answer them.

1. Will we still go diving or snorkeling if it is raining?

The quick answer is “yes”. The longer answer for why rain does not ‘stop play’ when scuba diving or snorkeling in the tropical waters of Sabah:-

  • It is still safe to snorkel and dive when it’s raining.
  • You get wet in the sea when snorkeling or diving, you are not going to get any wetter if it rains.
  • You won’t get cold if it rains as the sea temperature, for most of the year, is a toasty 28C - 30C and even the rain is warm. Nice! We also provide all our divers and snorkeling customers with 3mm tropical wet suits for thermal protection.
  • The marine life doesn’t care if it rains and will still be there to see as you enjoy your scuba diving or snorkeling activity.

2. What will the weather be like when we are on holiday in Sabah / on my trip?

Sabah has two seasons - The ‘Dry Season’ and the ‘Wet Season’. However, during the whole year we have a fairly constant temperature and humidity level - Sabah has a tropical hot and very humid climate. Most days normally start off with blue sky, sunshine and a calm breeze. Most days throughout the year we have a chance of rain typically later in the day, evening or night time - this is due to clouds building up during the day on the Crocker mountain range which roll down in to Kota Kinabalu normally during afternoon or evening.

On-line weather reports for Sabah will always say there is a chance of rain or thunderstorms every day in Sabah. This is true i that later each day we could get some tropical rain. But no-one can predict accurately what exactly the weather will the next day, the next week or the next month. All we’d say is don’t let weather reports rule what activities you choose to join. As long as you come on holiday prepared for a hot, humid and sometimes wet tropical climate you will have a great time!

Find to more about Sabah, and Sabah’s climate, on Sabah Tourisms web site

3. Is it safe to visit Sabah?

At Borneo Dream we put our customers safety first. We have been operating in Sabah, Borneo since 2007 and all of our customers have experienced safe, enjoyable holidays. We ensure a safe environment is offered to our customers - whether it be suggesting restaurants to our customers to eat at in Kota Kinabalu, staying at a Lodge along the Kinabatangan River, white water rafting along Padas Gorge or staying at an Island Resort. There are a small number of areas we suggest our customers take extra care if they go off exploring independently - this is the same as most other safe countries to visit in the world.

Sabah itself has put in place enforced security practices over recent years to ensure Sabah remains a safe location to visit - these are focused on the south of Sabah (Semporna area) and the islands off the south and east coast of Sabah including those located near Sipadan. You can read the latest Travel Advice from Sabah Tourism

We do recommend you also read your country’s FCO Travel Advice for Sabah (Malaysia). You can also email the Borneo Dream Team with any questions or concerns you may have about visiting a specific location in Sabah and we’ll provide honest, informed feedback.

4. Should I take malaria tablets?

Borneo typically as a whole is classified as a ‘high risk’ area for malaria. In reality there will be areas in Borneo that are higher risk - like inner rainforests and rural areas - and areas in Borneo that are lower risk which typically includes most of the places tourists visit in Sabah e.g. Kota Kinabalu, Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary etc. We would always recommend you seek your Doctors advice on what medical precautions you should take when coming on holiday to Sabah, Borneo. It then comes down to the level of risk you want to take when coming on holiday regarding your health.

5. Can I book when we arrive in Kota Kinabalu?

You can choose to wait until you arrive in Kota Kinabalu to book your trips. However, we’d always recommend you book your tours in advance if you are travelling to Sabah during a peak period, joining a specific tour really matters to you or you have limited time in Sabah (so little flexibility to join a tour on other dates).

All the trips / packages we arrange for our customers in Sabah will be subject to availability. Some tours do tend to get fully booked in advance throughout the year as there is limited capacity and they are very popular e.g. Turtle Island, Resorts near Sipadan and climbing Mount Kinabalu. During peak periods in Sabah other tours / activities can also get fully booked e.g. Kinabatangan River packages and our own diving and snorkeling trips.

6. Which currency is used in Sabah? What is the difference between MYR and RM?

The Malaysian Ringgit is the currency of Malaysia. The currency code for Ringgit is MYR and the currency symbol is RM. We will quote all our prices using RM.

7. Can you look after my child / children while I join an activity?

We help many families come on holiday to Borneo and organise tours that the full family can enjoy together. During activities, our guides and PADI Professionals are there to provide advice, tuition and supervise the activities they are running. We do not employ qualified childminders. As a Parent you are responsible for the child or children in your care and are required to supervise and be with them during all activities. This is for your child's safety and protection, as well as helping you enjoy your time together as a family.


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