Fins NOT Flippers... Buy On-line in Kota Kinabalu

Fins, well without fins you are going stay pretty still on your next diving or snorkelling trip. Fins are available in full or open foot or sometimes called open heel, but generally in tropic water such as scuba diving or snorkelling in Kota Kinabalu full foot is just perfect.

Gull Mew Fins in Kota Kinabalu

If you are regularly having to walk on rocks or uneven surface on the way to your dive or snorkel trip, then open heel fins with neoprene booties is the best choice. The neoprene booties are made from the same material as your scuba diving wet suit and therefore offer you protection as well as insulation against the cold. They generally have zippers on the inside faces for easy donning.

Fins or flippers?

Fins or swimfins as they still referred to as were first born back in 1914... The modern swimfins are a concept from the Frenchman Louis de Corlieu a Lieutenant Commander in the French Navy. De Corlieu in 1914 made a demonstration of his first prototype to a group of navy officers. Within this group was Yves le Prieur who, years later invented an early model of scuba set 1926. In 1924 De Corlieu left the French Navy to fully devote himself to his new creation. By April 1933 he had registered a patent, number 767013 which in addition to two fins for the feet also included hand versions, two spoon-shaped fins. The equipment was described as propulseurs de natation et de sauvetage - which can be translated literally as swimming and rescue propulsion device.

Which ones are for me? So many fins to choose from for my Sabah adventure

As with all equipment, it evolves in to different variants to suit specific activities - Fins are know different. Your recreational snorkeler generally likes to use lightweight flexible fins. Whilst free divers prefer extremely long fins for efficient use of energy. However scuba divers can not survive without large wide fins to help overcome the water resistance caused by all their chunky diving gear. But they need to be short enough to allow acceptable amount of manoeuvrability. Ocean swimmers such as bodysurfers or lifeguards prefer smaller designs. This way they tend to stay on their feet when moving through large surf. Plus when out of the water make walking on the beach less foolish looking.

Sports below the surface, such as underwater hockey or even underwater rugby tend use either full-foot or open-heel fins. Because of the nature of the activity it is a play off between design, style and shape against manoeuvrability and performance. Carbon fibre blades are often popular at higher levels of competition. Above all the fins must be safe and have no sharp edges that could injure other competitors.

MYR 72.00  

The IST F20 Super full foot fin is the chosen fin for thousands of dive centres, snorkelers and divers across Asia. And has become the standard in the rental or learn to dive fin market.

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Where style meets value, the Mares Wave full foot fin is boy. Great fit combined with stylish looks gives you an around great value full foot fin suitable for scuba diving or snorkeling adventures in Kota Kinabalu.

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With the Mares X-Stream open heel fin you get fantastic looks and a well engineered design all wrapped up in an impressive package. Whether you are leisure diving or starting a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course then this could be for you.

MYR 350.00 MYR 469.00  

Still setting the standards in full foot fins is the Mares Avanti Quattro Power full foot fin. This fin has been the one to beat for years and is still out in front. Strong, comfortable and well designed well suited to you next scuba diving adventure or even a PADI Open Water Diver Course here in Kota Kinabalu.

MYR 250.00 MYR 304.00  

This full foot fin is well designed and light weight making great for travelling small persons. The Mares Volo Race full foot fin is good looking as well as handling well where it matters.

MYR 425.00 MYR 552.00  

The Mares Avanti Quattro+ open heel fin has be setting the standard for professional entry open heel fins for years. And with the Quattro+ it has gone a stage further making sure you are still the number 1 in the water on your next scuba diving or snorkeling adventure in Kota Kinabalu.

MYR 300.00 MYR 392.00  

This fin is the dog's... as it good looking strong, well designed and powerful. Pop by our Kota Kinabalu Dive Shop today and try on a pair of Mares Avanti SuperChannel open heel fins you will not look back.

MYR 290.00 MYR 375.00  

Looking for something slightly smaller? The normal Mares open heel fin is a bit bigger for those with small legs and bodies, so Mares now have the Mares Plana Avanti X3 open heel fin. Perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling trips around Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

MYR 290.00 MYR 382.00  

The Gull Mew full foot fin is a well designed, great fitting product. The fin is full foot type so well suited to warm water diving and ideal for trips to Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia.

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Looking colour and style then the Gull Coco full foot fin is for you. Great for snorkeling and scuba diving adventures in Kota Kinabalu. And above all available in an assortment of colours and sizes.

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Looking for a different look? Then the Mares Avanti Quattro Power full foot fin in camouflage is for you. The camp fin as it is known is an outstanding looking fin great for scuba diving or snorkelling adventures whilst in Kota Kinabalu.

MYR 400.00 MYR 569.00  

When you are looking for long and super powerful fin there seems to be only one choice - The Mares Razor Pro Spear Fishing full foot fin. This fin is long very well made and designed and above all comfortable to wear and use. This fins are at home whilst scuba diving along a reef in Kota Kinabalu's national marine park or taking part in a guided snorkeling trip Malaysia.

MYR 310.00 MYR 469.00  
Mares Concorde fin great for scuba diving and free diving The Mares Concorde fin is an ideal choice for shallow to mid-depth scuba diving or free diving. The full foot fin takes advantages from the new techno polymer blade and high-performance parabolic flexion design. This scuba diving/free...