Diving Malaysia dive sites, Why?

Posted by   William John Hammond
Diving Malaysia and great Sabah diving.

Diving Malaysia | Are ready for a change? Time you visited our shores

When people think about diving in Malaysia they often just think about diving Sipadan. But there is so much more we have to offer. Diving in Malaysia, especially the west coast of Sabah can be a very pleasant surprise. Basing yourself in Kota Kinabalu on the west coast of Sabah is an ideal spot to explore and experience more great diving spots.

Just 15 minutes in front of Kota Kinabalu is a diving Malaysia dive spot - Tunku Abdul Rahman marine park. This marine park consists of 5 tropical islands and 25+ dive sites. With diving depth ranges from shallow reefs to a maximum of 30+ metres. Visibility varies from 5 to 15 metres depending upon time of year. Early and late in the year can often have reduced visibility. The most reliable time of year is April to early July when we great 'blue' visibility.

At our Malaysia based diving shop, we often get asked what will we see on Sabah diving trip... It is very difficult to exactly predict but let's just say we are based in the Coral Triangle. The Coral Triangle forms one of the most diverse marine eco systems anywhere in the world. So you chances of seeing something really cool or nice is pretty good.

Ready for a new adventure? Make your next dive spot Diving Malaysia!

Throughout the year we get loads of both green and hawksbill turtles but our real gems are the small stuff. We love to excite our guests with nudibranchs, sea horses, ghost pip fish or even the off lovely little frog fish. If you are macro lover or a keen underwater photographer then we have some great sightings for you.

The marine park is very sheltered and offers great diving opportunities all year round. In the course of a year we only can not dive probably just one day. When you are think about dive spots you should think diving Malaysia.


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