Kota Kinabalu Tours

Kota Kinabalu Tours - Getting The Most From Your Time in Sabah.

Kota Kinabalu, the capital city of Sabah, is located on the west coast of Sabah and is the start and endpoint for most holidays in Sabah, Borneo. With a few days free in Kota Kinabalu it's great to get out and explore more of Sabah though Kota Kinabalu tours. Alongside exploring the tropical waters of Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park located in front of Kota Kinabalu through a snorkelling trip or scuba diving course, there are many attractions within 1 - 2 hours of the city (by road) that can be visited via a day tour.

Relax and unwind with a Kota Kinabalu Tour by Borneo Dream Dive Shop

Some of the highlights in our Kota Kinabalu tours section include going for a river cruise along the Klias River in search of the strange-looking Proboscis Monkey as they sit in the trees eating fruit next to the river. Join a white water rafting adventure with the Kiulu River offering a family-friendly Grade I - II rafting adventure, or choose Padas River for adrenalin-fuelled Grade III-IV rafting ride. Go for a day out to the Crocker Mountain Range with a visit to Kinabalu Park and the rainforest canopy walk at Poring Hot Springs.

Wildlife, Culture, Mountains, Tropical Reefs - all easily accessible with Kota Kinabalu Tours

If you are looking for Kota Kinabalu tours with a difference you could go trekking in the forest of the Kiulu Valley, or join a traditional cooking class and learn to cook some popular Borneo dishes. For getting the most from your days in Kota Kinabalu check out our combo trips where you can complete two activities in one day - river cruise and Cultural Village, rafting and bike ride and more.

We also offer tours from Sandakan for those who have a bit more time and want to see wildlife during their holiday in Sabah. Choose from shorter trips to visit Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary, Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary or go wildlife spotting on river cruises along the Kinabatangan River.

Whether it be adventure, scenery, wildlife or culture there are Kota Kinabalu tours, Sabah to excite and amaze you!

What is there to do in Kota Kinabalu in 2 days?
MYR 190.00  

The Kiulu River White Water Rafting day trip is a great choice for families and those wanting a lot of fun and adventure but are newer to rafting or want a gentler ride. The Kiulu River offers a grade I - II white water rafting experience and is nestled in the scenic Kiulu Valley. You'll raft along ~ 15 km of the Kiulu River followed by lunch at the Adventure Centre located on the banks of the Kiulu River. Safe and lots of fun!!

MYR 235.00  

Looking for an adrenalin fuelled day trip? Then look no further then the White Water Rafting trip along the Padas River. Offering a grade III - IV white water rafting experience, the Padas River offers something for experienced 'rafters' and those who want that 'rollercoaster' rafting experience. Lots of fun, swirling rapids and getting very wet!! It's early start from Kota Kinabalu to the Padas River but riding on an old train in the Sabah countryside makes for an interesting journey!


MYR 200.00  

If you are staying only in Kota Kinabalu during your holiday in Sabah and seeing wildlife, especially the Proboscis Monkey, is on your 'to do' list then the Klias Wetlands River Cruise is your best choice. The Klias River is ~ 2 hours south by road from Kota Kinabalu and located in the largest protected Wetlands Reserve in Sabah. This makes it a great location from Kota Kinabalu for spotting wildlife as you join a late afternoon river cruise along the Klias River. Your trip ends with a 'sparkle' as Fireflies normally come out on display after sunset in the trees surrounding the river.

MYR 295.00  

The Coral Reef Conservation Day Tour provides an introduction to coral reefs, threats impacting them and what we can do as individuals to protect them. During the day you will join three guided snorkeling sessions and learn about the complexity of the coral reef ecosystem and learn basic skills for measuring and assessing the health of a coral reef. Tied together with informative, educational briefings you'll end the day taking away actions you can make as an individual to help protect our coral reefs. An ideal choice for families, groups of friends and school teams on expedition who are wanting to join an educational tour and make a positive difference.


MYR 295.00  

A visit to Kinabalu Park provides a chance to 'escape' the city of Kota Kinabalu and spend time at a cooler altitude as you visit the stunning Kinabalu National Park. We offer our day tour to Kinabalu Park as a private trip so we can tailor your tour itinerary to help you get the most from your day - from joining guided walks along the trails within Kinabalu Park (a great choice for nature lovers), or learning more about the history and culture of Sabah with visits to Kundasang War Memorial and Kundasang Market. A private Kinabalu Park tour at a great value price.

MYR 175.00  

Mari Mari Cultural Village provides the opportunity to learn more about the rich culture and traditions of Sabah, Borneo. At Mari Mari Cultural Village you will learn more about the major tribes found in Sabah including the Rungus tribe from Northern Borneo and the Murut 'Headhunter' tribe from Southern Borneo. Choose from a morning or afternoon session - an ideal choice when you only have half a day free. Mari Mari Cultural Village can also be visited as part of a 'combo trip' with Kiulu River rafting, or a Klias River Wildlife Cruise.

MYR 1,195.00  

Are you looking for a mountain biking adventure in Borneo? Then this 2 day tour could be exactly what you are looking for! This 2 day mountain biking adventure in Borneo offers you the opportunity to ride through the stunning rural heart of Borneo where you will get to bike through the foothills and valleys of Mount Kinabalu, pass by small villages and bike through jungle. Added highlights of this mountain biking Borneo tour include a jungle trek and an overnight stay in a village homestay. Bike - trek - homestay, a perfect way to experience a mountain biking Borneo adventure.


MYR 225.00  

The Borneo Traditional Cooking Class is a great opportunity to learn how to cook three typical dishes found in Sabah, Borneo. The Traditional Cooking Class is suitable for cooking enthusiasts, as well as those who typically do not go near an oven. The mix of activities you join provides for a fun, interactive day - visiting a local market, being taught by a Chef how to cook three traditional dishes, having a tasty lunch and also visiting Rumah Terbalik (Upside Down House) and the 3D Wonders Musuem. You'll be provided with the recipes for your three traditional dishes so you can try out your new dishes once back home :-)

MYR 2,280.00  

A visit to Sapulot is like visiting another world in Sabah. During your tour to Orou Sapulot you will get to see some amazing scenery, join some very cool adventure activities and experience the warmth of the Murut culture. During this four day tour you'll go rapid shooting on a river near Kalimantan, explore a cave, go fishing the traditional way, visit a waterfall in the forest and so much more! Suitable for couples, families and groups who are looking to explore Sabah off the beaten track. 


MYR 695.00  

A visit to Kundasang and Desa Cattle Dairy Farm are two highlights of this trip. During this tailored 2D1N trip you will visit Kundasang and experience it's nearby attractions - Kinabalu Park, Desa Dairy Cattle Farm, Poring Hot Springs. There'll also be some added fun on the way home with a visit to the Upside Down House and 3D Wonders Museum. A great choice for families, friends and groups. Minimum 4 persons per trip.


MYR 265.00  

Fancy going jungle trekking during your stay in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah? Then check out this day trip to the Kiulu Valley. You'll join a ~ 5km trek (graded: Easy) through secondary rainforest in the Kiulu Valley, learn about simple jungle survival skills and learn more about the plant life found in the forest - what can be eaten, used as medicine etc. Once back at the Adventure Centre located along the banks of the Kiulu River you'll have the opportunity to join the Flying Fox zip line ride across the Kiulu River. A fun, and informative, day out for all!!

MYR 255.00  

The Jungle Trek & Guided Snorkeling Trip is a unique trip offered by Borneo Dream. Bringing together two lovely experiences into one trip - a walk through rainforest on Pulau Gaya, and a guided snorkeling tour along a tropical reef in Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park. You can add more adventure to this trip by adding on a Coral Flyer zip line ride during your lunch break. A popular trip with families, groups of friends and couples.

MYR 275.00  

A unique jungle trekking day tour offered by Borneo Dream from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. During this day tour you will complete a ~ 9km trek through the rainforest on Pulau Gaya located in Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, including trekking to the highest point on Pulau Gaya. You can say you've been to the 'summit' of Pulau Gaya :-). After you morning trek you'll after a relaxing lunch break at a cafe located next to a beach. You'll have the opportunity to go snorkeling from the beach during your lunch break as an added bonus!

MYR 345.00  

This combo trip including white water rafting along the Kiulu River and a visit to Mari Mari Cultural visit offers a fun, action packed day out from Kota Kinabalu. It's a great choice for families or groups of friends looking to pack as much adventure into a day as possible. By booking this combo package you get a cheaper trip price than if you booked each trip individually - great value, great fun!

MYR 345.00  

A combo day tour from Kota Kinabalu combining two great locations - Mari Mari Cultural Village and Klias River Wetlands Reserve. A perfect, great value choice if you are short on time during your holiday in Sabah and wish to learn more about the rich culture of Sabah and have the chance to see wildlife and Fireflies. It's a long day tour so suitable for families with older children. If you want a bit more of an adventure combo day tour then check out our Kiulu River Rafting & Mari Mari Cultural Village Day Tour.

MYR 310.00  

Comfortable riding a bike? Looking to see the countryside of Sabah? Then join a Biking Day Tour during your holiday in Kota Kinabalu and experience a cycling adventure as you follow a guided bike tour through rural Sabah. Cycle over hanging bridges, through villages and by rice padi fields. A fun biking adventure suitable for those with average fitness or above.


MYR 445.00  

A combo adventure day tour bringing together the Kiulu River white water rafting adventure with a biking tour in the countryside north of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. A good choice for those short on time and wanting to max out on adventure during your holiday in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. A fun day out suitable for those who are comfortable riding a cycle / mountain bike and are average fitness level or above.


MYR 3,000.00  

A private boat day charter with Borneo Dream is a great option for families and groups of friends who would love a day out enjoying the islands and tropical waters of Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park with just your group on the boat and an itinerary that is personalised to offer you the best mix of activities. We have two great boats available to day charter and offer a mix of activities for you to choose from - guided snorkeling, scuba diving, island cruising, beach time or a short jungle trek on Pulau Gaya. Helping you experience the best day out in Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park.

MYR 250.00  

The Zip Borneo Ultimate Package provides a half day of adventure at the Adventure Centre located along the Kiulu River. Try your hand at abseiling, climbing wall, completing a high ropes course and the Flying Fox double zip line ride. Cool!! You can even choose to add this Zip Borneo Ultimate Package on after a Kiulu River white water rafting trip - Raft, Climb & Ride!!