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Plan Your Dive and Dive Your Plan

In the good old days with no gauges, we use to dive with regulators constructed from LPG (Low-pressure gas) cylinder valves and when it got hard to breath we would pull a lever (J-Valve). This gave us a little more air and then we started our ascent. Oh… how things changed, and I think for the better.

In the beginning, we used to calculate dives using US Navy Dive Tables as this is what was available before the big recreational market took off. This started with PADI, BSAC and a few others coming up with their own tables. But still, it involved often complex planning or at least an understanding of maths 🙂

Help me my brain is going to explode | Dive Computer Malaysia

With all these tables there were some limitations plus until PADI came out with the Wheel RDP planner, all table-based dives were square profile. This means a dive is calculated on the maximum depth planned or achieved against total dive time. So even if you only spent 5% of your 60-minute dive at 25 metres, you have calculated or plan the whole dive based upon 25 metres. Thus reducing your possible bottom time and restricting your dive pattern for the rest of the day. However, by doing this method, recreational diving became very safe and enjoyable to the masses.

The powers to be realised this and began producing methods and products capable of multi-level diving. Thus today we have dive computers making our scuba diving adventures in Malaysia even more enjoyable. Dive computers in general work by calculating your depth and time every 10 to 20 seconds (depending upon model and user preferences). As your depth changes your console or wrist-mounted dive computer recalculates and updates its display showing you a new NDL (no decompression dive limit or time). You may be at 30 metres, and your dive computer tells you that you have 9 minutes of NDL left before surfacing. But then you ascend (slowly of course) to 13 metres and now after a few seconds, your dive computer is displaying 45 minutes of NDL. This is because of the sampling rate and recalculations it is performing.

You still need to plan your dives | Dive Computer Malaysia

Depending upon the model, dive computers can record and store your diving history for many days, seasons or even years. Some connect to PC/Mac’s allowing log book downloading or sharing on your social media. Dive computers can cope with Air, Nitrox or even Trimix depending upon model and your training level.

The most popular dive computer we sell and rent is the Mares Puck Pro available in a wide range of colours and can be wrist or console-mounted (depending upon model).

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