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If you need to cancel your booking at the last minute

For courses, trips and packages provided by Borneo Dream (Borneo Dream scuba diving and snorkelling trips and courses only), the following cancellation policy will apply:

  • If you cancel greater than 36 days from the date of your booked activities, we will refund your booking less Stripe.com Fees if you paid by card.
  • If you cancel between 35 to 20 days from the date of your booked activities, we will charge a 50% cancellation fee.
  • If you cancel within 19 to 10 days from the date of your booked activities, we will charge a 75% cancellation fee.
  • If you cancel within 9 days or less from the date of your booked activities, we will charge a 100% cancellation fee.
  • If you fail to turn up for a trip (“no show”), you will be charged the full package cost.
  • We will not refund respect any unused services (or parts) included in a package.

PADI eLearning – If you have booked a PADI Course that includes eLearning and the Code has already been sent to you. This element is not refundable and will be taken off any refund that may be applicable to you.

Our chosen Suppliers for land trips, Sabah diving packages, transport and room bookings will charge late cancellation fees in line with their own cancellation policy and depending on the circumstances. The cancellation fees charged by them will be charged to you by Borneo Dream.

For Mount Kinabalu trip bookings (climbing Mount Kinabalu), different cancellation policies apply.

Please note that for Turtle Island bookings, Turtle Island Resort charges an extra fixed cancellation fee. This fee is over and above what has been paid for the trip. This means if you cancel a booking at Turtle Island, they will charge an extra amount which you will need to pay. Therefore your refund will be less than 100% as we will need to deduct the charges applied to the booking by Turtle Island – this is the same for both cancelled and postponed bookings. We recommend you only book Turtle Island Resort if you are 100% certain you will go on the trip (including after checking your country’s FCO Travel Advice for Islands off the east coast of Sabah).

No partial or full refunds will be given for an uncompleted PADI course, diving or snorkelling trip with Borneo Dream for whatever reason. If you decide during your course/trip you do not want to continue. We will offer you our ‘Unguided Snorkeling Trip’ as an alternative for the remaining part of your course/trip.

What happens if we need to change your booking:

  • Although every effort will be made to operate the trips as advertised, Borneo Dream reserves the right (at our sole discretion and without penalty) to make alternative arrangements as it sees fit if caused by poor weather conditions, technical problems with vehicles, flight delays or other circumstances beyond their control necessitate.
  • Where it is in the interest of tour/trip/course members that an itinerary be altered, such alterations may be made without penalty to the company.
  • If a Borneo Dream Tour (snorkelling and/or scuba diving tour run by Borneo Dream) is cancelled prior to the date of departure due to circumstances beyond our control, we will refund all money paid by our booked customers.
  • In the event of one of our suppliers cancelling a tour, we will make every endeavour to ensure full reimbursement, but where a supplier has a policy of retaining any fees or charges, we will have to defer to their policy.
  • If you are ill on or before the start date of your trip, tour both land and water-based (scuba diving and snorkelling). If you need to cancel or can not continue, no refund will be issued for unused parts as Borneo Dream has had to set aside resources that can not be filled with new business. This is to be read in conjunction with the first part of this FAQ.

This is why it is highly recommended all travellers take out holiday insurance and cover to protect themselves from unexpected illnesses, missed flights, lost luggage and generally I screwed up 🙂 situations.

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